Is Chocolatey trustworthy?

If you are an organization and you are using Chocolatey in the recommended way (internal repositories using packages that use internal resources only), Chocolatey is secure and reliable. Using the community repository ( is only as secure as the packages that you are using.

What is Chocolatey used for?

Chocolatey is a software management solution that gives you the freedom to create a simple software package and then deploy it anywhere you have Windows using any of your familiar configuration or system management tools.

Where does Chocolatey install to?

By default, the Chocolatey client is installed into the C:\ProgramData\Chocolatey local directory on the Windows computer.

How do I uninstall Chocolatey?

Uninstalling Chocolatey Should you decide you don’t like Chocolatey, you can uninstall it simply by removing the folder (and the environment variable(s) that it creates).

What is Choco for Windows?

What is Chocolatey? Chocolatey or Choco as it is sometimes referred to, is a free, open-source package manager for Windows that is very similar to Apt or DNF in the Linux realm. In other words, this is a program used for installing software via the Windows command line.

Who owns Chocolatey?

Rob Reynolds
Chocolatey was created by Rob Reynolds in 2011 with the simple goal of offering a universal package manager for Windows. Chocolatey is an open source project that provides developers and admins alike a better way to manage Windows software.

Is Chocolatey for Windows Good?

But if you’re looking for a geek-friendly way to install individual tools and developer environments, Chocolatey is a good bet. Inspired by apt-get, it provides a simple, uniform command-line interface for installing thousands of different packages.

Does Chocolatey install for all users?

That way, that package can get installed to any number of users, without interfering with the “admin” Chocolatey install. The drawback is that having 2 Chocolatey installs, the packages will have to be managed at both admin and user level, so upgrades will have to be done at both “master” and “user” level.

Is Chocolatey required for node JS?

You don’t need Chocolatey in order to do web development. Having Chocolatey makes the automated installation and updating of the applications on your machine easier. By itself, Chocolatey doesn’t do anything with regard to updating the underlying operating system.

Is it safe to uninstall Chocolatey?

As a general rule of thumb, yes, it is “safe” to uninstall Chocolatey. Chocolatey, for the most part, is simply a wrapper around the native EXE/MSI for the application that is being installed. As a result, removing Chocolatey, does not remove the installed applications.