Is Dell Latitude E5430 good for gaming?

The Latitude E5430 carries the torch forward with another round of impressive graphical benchmark results for a machine restricted to an integrated GPU. Though these machines certainly aren’t built for gaming, our tests prove that the HD 4000 is no slouch should some low-end gaming still find itself on the agenda.

What year did the Dell Latitude E5430 come out?

2. When Was The Dell Latitude E5430 Manufactured? The Dell Latitude E5430 was released in August 2011.

How much RAM does a Dell Latitude E5430 have?

The Dell Latitude E5430 Laptop takes the PC3-12800 DDR3 204-Pin SODIMM memory memory type, and comes installed with 4GB(Removable) memory.

Does Dell Latitude E5430 have Bluetooth?

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Option Description
Wireless Device Enable Allows you to enable or disable the internal wireless devices. WWAN WLAN Bluetooth All the options are enabled by default.

Is Dell E5430 a good laptop?

The Dell Latitude E5430 laptop is for veteran users who can’t let go of VGA monitors, ExpressCards, and optical discs. It is a solid laptop with one of the highest port counts we’ve seen on a non-desktop PC in a while.

What generation is Dell E5430?

Dell Latitude e5430 Core i5 – 3rd Generation.

How do you change the RAM on a Dell Latitude E5430?

Installation and Removal Instructions Latitude E5430 RAM Memory

  1. Slide the latches over to unlock the battery. Lift the Battery out of the laptop.
  2. Remove the 2 – M2. 5 x 5mm screws. Remove the Access Door.
  3. Separate the clips and remove the memory.
  4. Repeat for the second Memory. Read Related Articles.

What RAM does Dell Latitude E5530 use?

The Dell Latitude E5530 Laptop takes the PC3-12800 DDR3L 204-Pin SODIMM memory . memory type, and comes installed with 4GB(Removable) memory.

What generation is Dell e5430?

Does Dell Latitude e5430 have webcam?

The Dell Latitude 5430 is a highly configurable business laptop with 12th-gen Intel processors and a premium design. The base model has a 720p webcam, but you can upgrade it to 1080p and add Windows Hello.

Which Dell Series is best for gaming?

Alienware m17 R4 (2021) Dell’s best gaming portable is back for 2022 and better than ever, cementing its status as among the best gaming laptops out there. This breathtakingly powerful gaming laptop doesn’t compromise, tackling all the latest AAA games without even breaking a sweat.

How old is Dell Latitude E5430?

The Dell Latitude E5430 was released in August 2011. 3.

Which generation is Dell Latitude E5430?

Core i5 3rd Generation
Used Dell E5430 Latitude Laptop

Model Dell E5430
Processor Core i5 3rd Generation
Memory 4 GB DDR3
Ports LAN USB 2.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0/eSATA Headphone / Microphone Combo Jack VGA HDMI

Is Dell Latitude E5470 good for gaming?

The WEI scores were 7.2 for the CPU, 7.4 for the RAM, 5.6 for Graphics, 6.8 for 3D business and gaming graphics, and 7.9 for the SATA M2 SSD hard drive. It’s a very well balanced score and suggests the Latitude E5470 wouldn’t do too badly with low-end games.

How much fps does a Dell PC have on Fortnite?

I know there has been previous posts about this, but I wanted to ask. on the geforce experience app, in the games section of settings the battery boost allows a maximum of 60 FPS and the optimal is 30.

Does Dell E5450 have touch screen?

2019 Dell Latitude E5450 Business Laptop Computer/ 14 FHD Touchscreen/ Intel Core i5-5200U up to 2.7GHz/ 12GB RAM/ 256GB SSD/ AC WiFi/ Bluetooth/ USB 3.0/ HDMI/ Windows 10 Professsional (Renewed)

Dell Latitude E5430 Laptop, 3rd Gen Core i5-3340M, 2.7Ghz, 8GB DDR3, 320GB HDD, 14.0″ Wi-Fi, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

What kind of laptop is Dell Latitude e5520?

Take your office wherever you go with the redesigned Dell Latitude™ E5520. This laptop is built for the new mobile business class with the durability, productivity, security and easy manageability you’ve come to expect from the Latitude E-Family laptops.

What kind of processor does the Dell e5550 have?

Also, the E5550 is offering one of the new Intel CPUs part of the Broadwell family. Let’s see how this machine handles bigger loads, high temperatures, battery tests and performance tests.

What are the safety features of the latitude e5520?

The Latitude E5520 is also equipped with a protective LCD seal, 360-degree bumper for added screen protection and a spill-resistant keyboard that can outlast the bumps and spills of everyday work.

Is the Lenovo latitude 15 e5550 worth the price?

The Latitude 15 E5550 has a great overall design, but it seems like something is missing from a notebook with a price tag of around 1500 euros. It’s almost like we are expecting more aluminum designs in this price range.