Is Doon Mackichan married?

Anthony BarclayDoon Mackichan / Spouse (m. 1997–2005)Anthony Barclay is an English actor who has appeared in productions including Domina for Sky Atlantic, The Irregulars for Netflix, Britannia for Sky Atlantic and Common as Muck for the BBC. Wikipedia

What age is Doon Mackichan?

59 years (August 7, 1962)Doon Mackichan / Age

How old is Kathy in 2 doors down?

The role of Cathy is actually the first time the 57-year-old has played a Scot despite being raised in Upper Largo, Fife, for five years from the age of 12, where her Scots dad Kenneth ran a textile company. I had to do a lot of research for the part — a lot of drinking.”

Who plays Kathy in 2 doors down?

Doon Mackichan
Two Doors Down (TV Series 2016– ) – Doon Mackichan as Cathy – IMDb.

Who plays Jane Plough?

Doon MackichanJane Plough / Played by

What age is Jonathan Watson?

Jonathan Watson
Born 1957–58 Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Occupation Actor, Writer
Years active 1979–present
Known for City Lights (1984–1991) Naked Video (1986–1991) Only an Excuse? (1993–2020) Bob Servant (2013–2015) Two Doors Down (2013–present) Fried (2014–2015)

Is Doon Mackichan a male?

Doon Mackichan (born 1961/1962) is a British actress, comedian and writer. She co-created, wrote and performed in the double Emmy award winning Smack the Pony.

Who plays Ray purchase?

Harry PeacockRay Purchase / Played by

Is Jonathan Watson a Rangers fan?

Watson is a supporter of Rangers F.C. In 2021 he appeared in Doctor Who – Flux as Sontarans ‘Commander Riskaw’ and ‘Skaak’.

Who is Jonathan Lawson?

Yes, Jonathan Lawson is a real person. He served in the MArine Corps early on and then went to work for Colonial Penn full time. While working at Colonial Penn, he earned his degree. He continues to work with Colonial Penn and represents them in many commercials and TV advertisements.