Is Earthjustice reliable?

In 2001, Worth magazine, aimed at high-income Americans, named Earthjustice as one of America’s 100 best charities. Since April 1, 2009, Charity Navigator has given Earthjustice 4 stars, the oversight group’s highest rating.

What is Earthjustice mission statement?

Our mission is to wield the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change.

What has Earthjustice done?

Earthjustice’s legal victories have cleaned up the air we breathe, banned some of the most dangerous chemicals from our food and homes, saved hundreds of threatened species, preserved centuries-old forests from logging, and much, much more.

Is Earthjustice a nonprofit?

At Earthjustice, we’re a nonprofit in the business of building a better future. We represent our clients free of charge.

Is Earthjustice a law firm?

Founded in 1971, Earthjustice is the premier nonprofit environmental law organization.

Is Earthjustice part of Sierra Club?

Contacts. The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund announced today that it is changing its name to Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, effective immediately. The decision was made by unanimous vote of the group’s Board of Trustees meeting in Tiburon, California, on June 14.

How is Earthjustice funded?

Earthjustice’s work is done pro bono, with funding from cases provided by donors. Funding from the Ford Foundation helped Earthjustice mature from an organization backed by lawyers with other jobs to a law firm with infrastructure, staff, etc.

Who founded Earthjustice?

Earthjustice’s achievements today are firmly rooted in the legacy of our founders: Phil Berry, Fred Fisher and Don Harris.

Who started Earthjustice?

How did Earthjustice begin?

Earthjustice’s roots go back to 1965, when the Sierra Club launched a campaign to protect Mineral King — a stunning valley at the southern tail of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.