Is Eaton a Weatherhead?

Eaton’s Weatherhead hoses and fittings are engineered and qualified to work as a system ensuring your confidence in a high quality hose assembly. The 4-Step WeatherMATCH™ system for braided and spiral hose assemblies ensure proper mating of hose and qualified fittings.

What are Weatherhead fittings?

These fittings and couplings are commonly used to create hydraulic hose assemblies for transferring fluids in high-pressure petroleum- and water-based hydraulic systems found on industrial, mining, and manufacturing equipment.

Where are Aeroquip fittings made?

the USA
100% of our hose is made in the USA and all of our fittings and adapters are distributed from our warehouse in Van Wert, OH.

Where is Eaton hose made?

Cerkezkoy, Turkey
Manufacturing experts Eaton’s world-class manufacturing facility in Cerkezkoy, Turkey, has over 1 million square feet of hose manufacturing capacity making it one of the largest industrial hose plants in the world.

What does a Weatherhead look like?

It is shaped like a hood, with the surface where the wires enter facing down at an angle of at least 45°, to shield it from precipitation. A rubberized gasket makes for a tight seal against the wires.

Are Earls fittings made in USA?

Manufacturing is headquartered in Bowling Green, KY and has four secondary distribution locations in Indianapolis on Gasoline Alley, Earl’s UK at the track at Silverstone, Earl’s Australia located in Sydney, and Earls Store 1 in Lawndale California.

Where are Fragola fittings made?

in the USA
Proudly Made in the USA Fragola Performance Systems manufactures 99% of our parts in our Connecticut facility, run by the Fragola family.

How much does a weatherhead cost?

Coming down the service and into the panel the bonding, the grounding and everything belongs to the customer. It’s the customer’s responsibility.” That means repair costs are left up to the property owner and could range from $700 to $1700.

Where are Earl’s fittings made?