Is ergoPouch too tight?

A quick way to check if the neck is too tight is to see if you can put 2 fingers inside the neck opening. If you can, the fit is correct. If you are still uncomfortable with the opening being small, we suggest to undo the zipper about 1cm down with the zip cover still over the top.

Can you layer ergoPouch?

Our TOG-rated Layers are designed to be worn as pyjamas underneath your child’s sleeping bag or sleep suit for extra warmth. Choose a 0.2 TOG for a light layer, or a 1.0 TOG for a warmer layer.

Can I use ergoPouch newborn?

We have an ergoPouch product suitable for different stages, newborns right through to 6 years old.

What is ergoPouch?

Sleep, Naturally ergoPouch make natural fibre, premium, ergonomically designed sleepwear and sleep solutions for babies and kids that are TOG-rated for warmth.

Are wearable blankets safe?

So how can parents keep their babies comfy and safe in their cribs? Baby sleep sacks, recommends the American Academy of Pediatrics. Also known as wearable blankets and baby sleeping bags, they are a practical, safe alternative to a blanket.

Is 2.5 TOG too warm for baby?

2.5 Tog is ideal for use all year-round for temperatures anywhere between 16-20 degrees (61-68F) 1.0 Tog is recommended for warm summer temperatures between 21-23 degrees C (69-74F) Anything lower than 1 Tog is what you’ll need for when things really start to heat up, anywhere between 24-27 degrees C (75-81F)

How do you know if your sleep sack is too big?

Keep in mind, weighted sleep sacks are considered safe as long as the weight of the sleep sack is no more than 10% of your baby’s body weight. So a 10-pound baby should wear a sleep sack weighing no more than one pound. A 20- pound baby should wear a sleep sack no more than 2 pounds, and so on.

Why do Swaddles have a hole in the back?

Slits on the back allow for use in swings and bouncers. (Do not use in infant car seats.) SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: This soft swaddle is made out of durable natural fiber (100% cotton) and is machine washable. The snug fit helps prevent the startle reflex.