Is Getzen a good Trumpet brand?

The Getzen valves are among the best in the industry and overall look of the horn is spectacular. I’ve been playing Trumpet for over 12 years now and can say with confidence that this is one of the best horns that I have ever played!

Are Getzen Capri trumpets good?

With their ease of playability and standard professional quality features they truly are fun to play. For more than thirty years Capri Trumpets have proven to be both affordable and dependable and will continue to be there with young players, easing the transition from practice room to on stage performance.

Is Buescher a good Trumpet?

The Buescher 400 saxes are considered by many to be the best saxes ever produced in America. That same quality was also being built into their brass horns with the same name.

Where is Getzen Trumpet made?

There are roughly 97 parts used in the manufacturing of a 390 trumpet. Of those 97 parts, 73 of them are made right here in Elkhorn, WI. The remaining 24 parts are all manufactured in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, or other parts of the US. And that is our lowest priced, student level instrument.

Is Jean Paul a good trumpet brand?

Jean Paul is a popular brand and it offers the trumpet lover the golden opportunity to master the trumpet from the beginning to the intermediate level. Even advanced player may find it to be good and compatible with their career. The quality is nice with a reasonable price tag.

Where is Getzen from?

Elkhorn, Wisconsin
The Getzen Company, Inc. is born in a converted dairy barn behind the Getzen family residence at 329 East Geneva Street, Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Where are Stomvi trumpets made?

The Honiba Company was founded in 1985 by Vicente Honorato. They are manufacturing and selling Stomvi brass instruments. The Honiba factory is in the Xirivella suburb of Valencia, Spain.