Is Glen Payne of the cathedrals still alive?

He is known for being the lead singer of The Cathedral Quartet….

Glen Payne
Born October 20, 1926 Royse City, Texas
Died October 15, 1999 (aged 72)
Genres Southern gospel
Occupation(s) Singer, music publisher

Where is Glen Payne buried?

Williamson Memorial Gardens
Payne performed with the Cathedrals to the end of his life, participating in their 1999 farewell tour. He died of liver cancer at his home in Franklin, Tennessee, on October 15, 1999. He was buried in Williamson Memorial Gardens in Franklin.

Who sang bass for the cathedrals?

George Wilson Younce (February 22, 1930 – April 11, 2005) was an American bass singer, known for performing with Southern gospel quartets, especially The Cathedrals.

Is Lily Fern Weatherford still alive?

Lily Fern Goble Weatherford (b. 1928): alto 1945, 1948–1961, 1963–2013.

Why did Danny Funderburk leave the Cathedral Quartet?

In February 1990, Funderburk left to help start a new quartet Perfect Heart. The Cathedrals hired tenor Kurt Young to fill Funderburk’s place, but left the quartet after only two months with the group.

Who is Lily Weatherford?

Gospel Singer For more than 40 years, Lily Fern Weatherford has been lauded by her peers and her followers as gospel music’s most skillful and dynamic female singers. Her historic recordings of such songs as “Tell My Friends” and “What A Precious Friend Is He” have remained her trademarks and most requested songs.

Where is Ryan Seaton singing now?

Raised in Poseyville, Seaton began singing in the choir at Christian Fellowship Church when he was still a teenager….Ryan Seaton (singer)

Ryan Seaton
Genres Christian: Southern Gospel
Years active 2003-present
Associated acts Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Union Street Quartet Canton Junction Quartet