Is Great Stuff foam fire resistant?

Great Stuff™ Fireblock Insulating Foam Sealant can help save much more than energy costs. 1 Designed for residential construction, it provides an easy and effective way to maintain the continuity of an approved fire block material.

Is Great Stuff spray foam flammable?

6. Cured foam is combustible and will burn if exposed to temperatures above 240°F (116°C). Do not apply GREAT STUFF™ foam around heaters, high heat lamps or recessed lighting fixtures, radiators, furnaces or fireplaces where it could contact heat conducting surfaces.

Is expanding foam insulation flammable?

Yes, spray foam — like all foam plastic materials — is flammable. However (and here is where that fire rating comes in), a “class 1 hour fire rating” means that the material can resist exposure to a standardized fire for one hour.

Is great stuff fire rated?

FIRE-RATED: GREAT STUFF PRO has been evaluated by ASTM E 814* in wood frame pipe penetrations. Conforms to the ASTM C557-93, D6464, CA25-4, and is UL Class 1 (Flame spread of 15, smoke of 20). Fills, seals and insulates gaps up to three inches.

Does spray foam insulation need to be fire retardant?

Yes, absolutely. If you put spray foam insulation in a building, it needs a thermal barrier. That’s what separates it from the occupied spaces. If there’s a fire in the building, a thermal barrier keeps the combustible spray foam from the flames to increase fire resistance.

Is poly foam flammable?

Rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams will, when ignited, burn rapidly and produce intense heat, dense smoke and gases which are irritating, flammable and/or toxic. As with other organic materials the most significant gas is usually carbon monoxide.

Can great stuff be used as a fire block?

Great Stuff Pro Features Along with being a great fire-blocking material, Great Stuff Pro has plenty of other uses. Create greater comfort by sealing those openings with a heavy-duty, fire-blocking version of GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gaps & Cracks.

Which type of insulation is the least flammable?

The least flammable insulating materials include fiberglass and mineral wool. These regularly used insulating materials offer excellent fire resistance.