Is Ichiro Suzuki the best hitter of all time?

Ichiro Suzuki recently proved he is the greatest hitter in Major League Baseball history. He had his 200th hit for the 10th straight year in the United States. This is a feat no hitter has ever achieved. Pete Rose is the only other player who had 200 hits in 10 years, which took him 15 years to accomplish.

Is Ichiro a bullpen catcher?

Ichiro Suzuki has long been a man of many talents. The accomplished hitter, part-time pitcher, master of the mustachioed disguise and current special assistant to the chairman can add a new skill to the back of his baseball card in the form of bullpen catcher. Yes, you read that right.

What is Ichiro Suzuki best known for?

Ichiro Suzuki, (born October 22, 1973, Kasugai, Japan), Japanese baseball player who amassed the most total hits across all professional baseball leagues in the history of the sport. He was notably also the first non-pitcher to shift from Japanese professional baseball to the American major leagues.

Is Ichiro a goat?

In case you needed another reminder that Ichiro Suzuki was the freaking GOAT . . . Ichiro Suzuki is like Raymond—everybody loves him.

What records does Ichiro hold?

His 1,354 career U.S. hits topped Wade Boggs’s record for the most hits in any six-year period. In his sixth year in the majors, Ichiro collected his sixth Gold Glove Award, and a sixth All-Star Game selection. He also won a Fielding Bible Award as the best fielding MLB right fielder.

How many base hits does Ichiro have?


Rank Player Hits
20 Tony Gwynn 3141
21 Alex Rodriguez 3115
22 Dave Winfield 3110
23 Ichiro Suzuki 3089

Who is the best Japanese baseball player ever?

Ichiro Suzuki is the most accomplished Japanese player in MLB history, and it’s only more impressive given his NPB accolades. As a member of the Orix BlueWave, he won three Pacific League MVPs, seven batting titles and seven Golden Gloves.

Who is best baseball player of all time?

Babe Ruth, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees It should come as no surprise that “The Sultan of Swat” tops our list of the best baseball players of all time. He posted Hall of Fame-caliber numbers in his first five seasons with the Boston Red Sox (981 OPS, 190 OPS+.

How many total hits Ichiro?

Including his 1,278 hits over nine seasons in the Japan Pacific League, before he came to the Majors, Ichiro has 4,367 hits, 111 more than Pete Rose. Ichiro took the Majors by storm in historic fashion when he arrived in 2001.