Is Idina Menzel ruining her voice?

The musical that helped bring Idina Menzel into the limelight has also been credited for damaging her voice. Even with proper technical training, it’s hard to perform “Defying Gravity” and “No Good” eight shows a week and walk away unscathed.

How much does Idina Menzel get paid?

After appearing in the off-Broadway musical “See What I Wanna See,” Menzel reprised her role in another run of “Wicked” in London’s West End. During this run, she was the highest-paid female performer in the West End with earnings of over $30,000 per week.

What Broadway plays was Idina Menzel in?

Roles (8)

If/Then Opened March 30, 2014 as Elizabeth (Original)
Wicked Opened October 30, 2003 as Elphaba (Original)
Funny Girl Opened September 23, 2002 as Fanny Brice (Original)
Aida Opened March 23, 2000 as Amneris (Replacement)
First You Dream: A Tribute to Courage Opened June 12, 2000 as Performer (Original)

What is Idina Menzel’s vocal range?

approximately three octaves
Menzel possesses a mezzo-soprano vocal range that spans approximately three octaves.

Does Broadway use autotune?

No. It can’t give you a better voice. It can correct your pitch if you sing a note flat or sharp. It can also add effects – it’s where that metallic, computerised sound on Cher’s vocal in ‘Believe’ comes from (and she’s used it many times since then).

Who is the highest paid Broadway star?

Million Dollar Curtain Calls: Broadway’s Wealthiest Stars

  1. 1 Julia Andrews – $30 million.
  2. 2 Bernadette Peters – $40 million.
  3. 3 Angela Lansbury – $70 million.
  4. 4 Lin-Manuel Miranda – $80 million. A discussion of Broadway’s richest would not be complete without mention of the Hamilton creator himself.

Is Idina Menzel still doing Broadway?

Menzel will return to her starring role as ‘Jodi’ in the West Coast premiere of Joshua Harmon’s SKINTIGHT in September; the show is a follow up to the Off-Broadway performance that opened to rave reviews at Roundabout Theatre Company.