Is Jimmy Johns safe for celiacs?

They do not have gluten free bread, but they offer the Unwich lettuce wrap. They are very good about changing gloves and not using the same mayo spatula that they use for bread sandwiches. I eat here all the time and have never been sick.

What kind of tuna fish does Jimmy John’s use?

StarKist tuna fish
Jimmy John’s uses real StarKist tuna fish, real @hellmannsmayonnaise, and real fresh sliced veggies!

Is tuna salad at Jimmy Johns gluten-free?

Tips & Tricks for Ordering Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s Order any sandwich off the menu (except tuna salad) as an “Unwich” which means it’s in a lettuce wrap. Jimmy John’s doesn’t offer gluten-free bread, so this is the only option for gluten-free diners since they don’t offer a salad menu.

What does Jimmy Johns tuna have in it?

The Totally Tuna® comes topped with fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Plus, add any of our Freebies or Add-ons to customize your sandwich just how you like!

Do Jimmy Johns chips have gluten?

And we all know that a bag of chips tastes perfect next to your sandwich! Be careful, though, because their BBQ Jimmy Chips ARE NOT gluten free. And neither are their Salt & Vinegar flavor of Jimmy Chips. Stick to the plain or Jalapeno, and you should be just fine.

Is the Unwich gluten-free?

When it comes to eating a gluten-free diet, Jimmy John’s has some really great options. They offer a gluten-free sandwich which is called an Unwich (lettuce wrap)! With a variety of meats, spreads, and toppings you can create the perfect gluten-free sandwich!

Is Jimmy Johns tuna real tuna?

Jimmy John’s on Twitter: “yes, our tuna is real. high quality is in our DNA 😎” / Twitter.

Does Jimmy Johns tuna have onions in it?

Jimmy John’s on Twitter: “@tyford812 onions are in my tuna salad, that’s part of the recipe!

Does Jimmy Johns tuna have celery?

Jimmy John’s on Twitter: “Housemade tuna salad starts with #JimmyFresh celery.

Does subway have gluten-free wraps?

Breads and Wraps The only gluten-free option in this category is Subway’s gluten-free bread. All other breads and wraps, including the spinach wrap and the tomato-basil wrap, contain wheat and gluten.

Does Jimmy John tuna have onion in it?