Is Joseline Hernandez and Mimi friends?

Joseline and Mimi feuded for years on LHHATL. “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez had many feuds while she was on the show. However, most viewers can agree that her biggest enemy was probably Mimi Faust. On the first season of the show, the women had tension over Stevie J.

Are Arian and Mimi still friends?

This notably includes Ariane Davis and Mimi Faust of the Atlanta spinoff. But as it turns out, the two have had some sort of falling out. In a new interview, Davis revealed she and Faust are no longer friends, claiming the former girlfriend of Stevie J “abandoned” her for reasons she’s still trying to figure out.

What happened to Jocelyn from Love and Hip Hop?

Joseline’s relationship with the show’s producers worsened while filming season six, eventually becoming part of the storyline. She dramatically walked off set and quit the show during taping of the season’s reunion special, amid tensions with executive producer Mona Scott-Young.

What happened to Mimi Faust Love and Hip Hop?

Mimi Faust, meanwhile, is fresh out of a relationship The two were together for over five years, some of which were chronicled on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. They became engaged in the summer of 2020 but split early the following year.

Why are Ariane and Mimi not friends?

Ariane later joined as Mimi’s best friend, but after she refused to divulge private parts of her personal life, she left — a move the former reality star said she made to protect her mental health. However, along with leaving the show, it appears as though one of Ariane’s prized friendships was also left behind.

Is K Michelle friends with Mimi?

K Michelle says she no longer considers Mimi a friend because Mimi stopped talking to her once she exited the reality show, but now Mimi is discussing their fallout too. In case you’re wondering who Mimi is referring to as the enemy in the tweet, she’s referring to Joseline Hernandez.