Is Kalar a high caste?

History. Because their hereditary occupation of distilling and selling liquor was considered degrading, the Kalals held a very low status in the traditional caste hierarchy of South Asia.

Who is kalal?

Kalal (कलाल) is a Jat clan found in Montgomery and Multan, Pakistan.

Which caste is Jaiswal in Nepal?

Jaiswal is a surname used by many Hindu communities including Kalwars, Jains and Rajputs. Jaiswals are mainly traders and deal in various commodities. In past, they excelled in the art of Liquor making and were classified as Somavamshiya Sahatrarjun Kshatriya.

Is kalwar an OBC caste?

(a) The Kalal, Kalwar and Kalar castes/communities have been included in the Central List of OBCs in the States of Bihar (as Kalwar, Kalal), Delhi(as Kalwar), Gujarat (as Kalal), Madhya Pradesh (as Kalal, Kalar), Maharashtra (as Kalal, Kalar), Orissa (as Kalwar), Rajasthan (as Kalal), Uttar Pradesh (as Kalal, Kalwar.

Is Kallar caste SC or BC?

The Kallar caste, including Easanattu Kallar, Gandarvakkottai Kallar, Koottappal Kallar, Piramalai Kallar, and Periasooriyur Kallar, is on the National Commission for Backward Classes’ “Central List of OBCs [Other Backward Classes] for the State of Tamil Nadu” (India n.d.a, 4).

What caste is Kallar?

Kallar (or Kallan, formerly spelled as Colleries) is one of the three related castes of southern India which constitute the Mukkulathor confederacy.

Is Jaiswal a low caste?

In 2003, Jaiswal Kalwars were classified and listed as an Other Backward Class by some state governments like Delhi & Uttar Pradesh, although Jaiswal Jain and Rajput still belong to General Category in India’s positive discrimination system.

Are Jaiswal vaishya?

All Jaiswal are OBC…. They are a tribal caste, belongs to OBC like bania caste… They were untouchables in ancient times and now a days they are vaishyas (bania caste).

Does Baniya eat non veg?

They also do not realise that the vegetarian food culture was first started by Jains in ancient India and now by choice the Brahmins and Baniyas (non-Jain Baniyas) have become vegetarians.

Is Jaiswal a lower caste?