Is KC a good college?

It is a reputed college with good teaching faculty. I got a course of my preference which i wanted so i decided to go for this college. The admission process was quite smooth as specified by Mumbai University.

What is the full form of KC College?

Kishinchand Chellaram College, commonly known as KC College, is a higher educational Autonomous institution in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Is HR College a government college?

H.R. College of commerce and economics is situated in Mumbai in Maharashtra state of India. Established in 1960, HRCCE is a Private college. The college is accredited by NAAC.

Is HSNC private?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The HSNC University, Mumbai is a collegiate public state university located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Is attendance compulsory in KC?

“Attendance at all college lectures, tutorials, practicals, examinations etc is compulsory. A minimum attendance of 75% in each term is required from the student, failing which strict action will be taken. The actions include the detention of the student and withholding permission to appear for examination. “

Is KC college good for engineering?

K.C. college of engineering is the best engineering college.

Which is better Jai Hind or KC?

Jai Hind offers better infrastructure as BMM in KC is delivered at the Colaba campus. The course curriculum of Jai Hind College is also more rigorous than KC as their course work includes double projects (12 per semester) than KC (6 per semester). However, both the colleges have a strict attendance (75%) policy.

Is attendance compulsory in KC College?

Is attendance compulsory in HR College?

The objective of the attendance committee is to supervise the attendance of students of the Junior College, so that they maintain minimum 75% mandatory attendance throughout the year as required by the HSC Board, in order to appear for the final examinations.

Which college is better hr or Jai Hind?

Both are considered top colleges in Mumbai and are under the University of Mumbai Board….Which college is better for BAF, Jai Hind or HR?

Categories Jai Hind College H.R. College
Cut Off 93% 91-94%
Course Fee 5,635 18,162
Placement Percentage 65% 70-80%
Highest Salary Package 5 LPA 10 LPA

How do I apply to KC College?

The admission form for KC College can be obtained by contacting the institute in person. Candidate is required to enter valid phone number and email address for communication purpose.

Is attendance compulsory in St Xavier’s College Mumbai?

ANSWER (1) Yes, you have to maintain a minimum of 75 percent attendance. Yes, you have to maintain a minimum of 75 percent attendance. Yes, you have to maintain a minimum of 75 percent attendance.