Is Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke friends?

From dating rumors to onscreen romance, the co-stars share a close bond. Game of Thrones might have come to an end—I’m not crying, you’re crying—but the friendship between co-stars and real-life friends Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington lives on.

Who is Emilia Clarke in a relationship with?

Emilia is believed to be currently single. Her last relationship was with film director Charlie McDowell, but that ended in 2019 after a year together. Before him, she was dating Australian actor Jai Courtney. In 2012 she dated Seth MacFarlane, but they split in 2013.

Are Kit Harington and Sophie Turner friends?

Kit Harington and Sophie Turner were co-stars and siblings on Game of Thrones for a long time. They clearly have a close-knit bond. They worked on the set together for years and obviously grew close as friends. They’ve shared moments over the years that prove they are good friends.

Did Kit and Rose meet on got?

Game of Thrones alums Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte) met and fell in love while filming the series together, and since married and had a child.

Why did Game of Thrones replace Tamzin Merchant?

Back in 2009, actress Tamzin Merchant starred as Daenerys Targaryen in the pilot for “Game of Thrones.” Due to multiple issues, HBO wound up reshooting most of the pilot and recast several parts, including having Clarke take over as Khalessi.

Did Kit Harington go to Sophie Turner’s wedding?

Obviously, the couple’s Scottish wedding was a big frickin’ deal, and they invited their GoT costars, including Sophie Turner. And while Kit and Rose probably look back on that day fondly, it seems like Sophie has, um, different feelings about it!

Are Kit Harington and Maisie Williams friends?

In addition to Harington and Williams being close, each share a strong friendship with co-star Sophie Turner.

Is Emilia Clarke vegetarian?

EMILIA’S DIET NOW She follows Clean and Lean approach developed by her personal trainer, James Duigan. This diet is a lot more holistic, focusing on eating clean and simple foods. That means lots of protein (no meat besides fish though), plenty of veg , and no processed junk.