Is McGuigan Merlot good?

Very good. Very nice full bodied wine , very enjoyable. Excellent.

What grape is McGuigan Black Label red?

Better value?

Winery McGuigan
Grapes Shiraz/Syrah, Riesling
Region Australia / South Eastern Australia
Wine style Australian Riesling
Alcohol content 13%

Is McGuigan Black Label Merlot?

“McGuigan Black Label Merlot is a soft and flavoursome wine with ripe fruit flavours of raspberry, cherry and plums.

Is McGuigan Black Label red a Shiraz?

Description. This classic Australian Shiraz has rich flavours of ripe plum, blackcurrant and spices. Well rounded with a smooth, mouth filling finish, it is a perfect accompaniment to most dishes, especially tomato-based Italian and red meats.

Is mcguigan Estate Merlot vegan?

All of our Red Wines are fined using Egg White and/or Gelatine. In theory these fining agents should be flocculated and removed via filtration before bottling. However this cannot be guaranteed and traces may still remain in the wines. So from this, unfortunately they are unsuitable for vegans.”

What is McGuigan Black Label?

Description. This classic red wine has great fruit flavours of spicy plum, cherry and blackberry. It is a well balanced wine with a smooth and mouth filling finish. A versatile wine that goes well with most dishes, it is especially rewarding with tomato based Italian and spicy Asian food.

Where does McGuigan wine come from?

the Hunter Valley
McGuigan Wines is a major Australian wine brand and one of the largest in the country by production volume. It produces a large range of wine styles and varieties in the Hunter Valley, and also has a cellar door in the historic Chateau Yaldara in the Barossa Valley.

Is mcguigan Shiraz vegan?

Currently, our Rosé, Sparkling, Shiraz, and Chardonnay are all vegan!

What is mcguigan Black Label?

Is mcguigan Black Label red vegan?

Is mcguigan wine gluten free?

Gluten-free – for those with an intolerance, no gluten products are used in the making of Zero wines Zero refined sugar – the only sugars contained in Zero wines is from the grapes; no refined sugar is added.

Is Castillo del Diablo vegan?

Casillero del Diablo Reserva Malbec is a luscious red wine. Full of deep, autumnal tasting fruits, lightly spiced with a hint of vanilla on the palate….Product Details.

Size 750ml
Organic No
Vegan Friendly No
Gluten Free No
Limited Edition No