Is Melinda May a Hydra agent?

After several escape attempts, May’s mind is trapped inside the Framework, a virtual reality where she lives as a Hydra agent. With the help of Skye (who now goes by her real name Daisy Johnson) and Simmons, May eventually escapes the Framework, only to face the threat of Aida, now an Inhuman.

Why do they call Melinda May The Cavalry?

May witnessed the girl use her powers to kill the remaining gangsters, so she was forced to execute Katya to prevent her from doing the same to the captured S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. The incident scarred May mentally and earned her the nickname “The Cavalry” within S.H.I.E.L.D., a designation she despised.

Is Melinda May in the comics?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. viewers have gotten to know Melinda May over two seasons, but she hasn’t been the star of her comic until now.

Is Melinda May a black widow?

Sadly, no apparent SHIELD connection was available in the first look at the film. That’s not stopping SHIELD alum Ming-Na Wen from reminding fans her character — Agent Melinda “The Cavalry” May has Johansson’s Black Widow on speed dial.

Does Melinda May have powers?

Empathy: After her time in Izel’s realm, May gained the powers of empathy, feeling the emotions of those around her, the closer the proximity the stronger the emotions.

Are Coulson and May together?

It also appeared that May and Coulson, who had years of history and feelings for each other, didn’t end up together — but actress Wen said there could be hope for a reunion.

Did Agent Ward and May hook up?

Tuesday’s episode revealed that they did, in fact, hook up, but more shockingly, that it has apparently happened on several occasions. The morning after one particular dalliance, Ward said they’ll use the “same plan as before” and stagger their exits.

Is Melinda May the clairvoyant?

Melinda May. She’s been spying on Coulson’s team, yes, but on behalf of the “late” director Nick Fury.