Is mistletoe a drug?

In Europe, mistletoe extracts are among the most prescribed drugs for patients with cancer (see Question 1). Mistletoe extracts are usually given by injection under the skin or, less often, into a vein, into the pleural cavity, or into a tumor (see Question 2).

What is the herb mistletoe used for?

Overview. American mistletoe is a plant. The flower, fruit, leaf, and stem are used as medicine. American mistletoe is used for low blood pressure, constipation, gastroparesis, and ending a pregnancy (abortion).

How effective is mistletoe therapy for cancer?

Conversely, a two-part review of 28 studies found that well designed studies showed little to no benefit of mistletoe treatment for quality of life or survival in people with various types of cancer, including colorectal, lung, and breast cancers ( 10 , 11 ).

What is the benefit of mistletoe?

Health benefits that have been attributed to mistletoe include improving cardiovascular health, relieving stress and anxiety, and boosting the immune system to help fight off colds and respiratory problems. It is also a popular complementary therapy for cancer treatment in many parts of the world.

Why do people kiss under mistletoe?

A young lady caught under the mistletoe could not refuse to give a kiss. This was supposed to increase her chances of marriage, since a girl who wasn’t kissed could still be single next Christmas. According to ancient custom, after each kiss, one berry is removed until they are all gone.

Is real mistletoe poisonous?

Mistletoe isn’t known to kill humans, but it can cause drowsiness, blurred vision, vomiting, and even seizures. It’s also poisonous to animals, so make sure your cats and dogs don’t get a hold of any leaves or berries either.

What happens if you eat mistletoe?

Until recent studies were published, the American mistletoe genus, Phoradendron, was widely considered to be extremely poisonous. Swallowing American mistletoe can cause symptoms such as gastrointestinal upset but is not likely to cause serious poisoning if small amounts are unintentionally swallowed.

Is mistletoe good for high blood pressure?

Preliminary trials carried out using oral mistletoe have found it can reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure, particularly headaches and dizziness. However, mistletoe has a small (if any) effect on actually lowering blood pressure.

Does mistletoe shrink tumors?

Naturopathic healers have used European mistletoe to shrink tumors and treat cancer for years.

Where do you inject mistletoe?

The easiest way is to inject the mistletoe extract alternately into one of the skin fields, where there is usually enough subcutaneous fatty tissue. The thigh is the preferred place for very slim people. However, you should not inject into the same place, because this can irritate the skin too much.

Is mistletoe good for skin?

Mistletoe is anti-inflammatory and has anti-aging properties, plus it’s known to strengthen our immune system. It’s perfect for winter skin, but also great to protect from free radicals year-round. Since mistletoe is a soothing antiseptic, it’s a perfect way to fight breakouts without irritating your skin.