Is Mole concept difficult?

The mole is used in chemistry to represent 6.022×1023 6.022 × 10 23 of something, but it can be difficult to conceptualize such a large number.

Is Mole concept important for JEE?

The most important and central concept in physical chemistry is the mole concept, which lies at the heart of the subject. Hence, it is indeed one of the most important and basic chapters for JEE chemistry.

What is Mole concept explain with example?

Mole is defined as the amount of the substance containing the same number of discrete entities (atoms, molecules, ions, etc) as there are atoms in a sample of pure 12C weighing exactly 12g.

What problem was solved after the discovery of the mole concept?

After the discovery of the mole concept the problem of not being able to find absolute atomic masses of atoms was solved. It was so because the mole concept provided the luxury of being able to count the number of atoms or molecules in a definite amount of the given substance.

What is the mole concept?

The mole concept is a convenient method of expressing the amount of a substance. Any measurement can be broken down into two parts – the numerical magnitude and the units that the magnitude is expressed in. For example, when the mass of a sphere is measured to be 2 kilograms, the magnitude is ‘2’ and the unit is ‘kilogram’.

What is the importance of moles in chemistry?

Mole as a fundamental unit like meter, liter, second etc. is equally important. It is indispensable for chemists, and also highly valuable for biologists as well.

What is the relationship between volume and number of moles?

the fundamental laws of chemistry also establish a relationship between volume and number of moles. It nitrogen would have same number of molecules which will equal to Avogadro ’ s number. We can make inter -conversio n using following relationships. Arya A, Kumar A. (2018). High Value Note, Drawing Pin Publishing, 04: 1 – 20. 10