Is Mont Marte a good brand?

Mont Marte has a fantastic, affordable range of acrylics in a variety of sizes, colours and textures and finishes that are perfect for beginner and professional artists alike.

Is Mont Marte an Australian brand?

Company Description: MONT MARTE INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is located in MURARRIE, QUEENSLAND, Australia and is part of the Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industry.

Who makes Mont Marte?

Bob and Carol Kent
Mont Marte was created, almost by accident, back in 2003. The founders of the brand, Bob and Carol Kent, who were well-known in the discount variety market, used framed artist’s canvases to fill up excess space in containers of decorative garden river stones they brought into Australia.

Is Mont Marte a Chinese company?

Mont Marte’s Chinese business grew 50 per cent in 2018, and Carol and Bob say the company is eyeing the same growth this calendar year and locally they employ about 40 people. On those numbers, their plan to become the No. 1 art supplies brand in China is on track.

What is Mont Marte?

Montmartre (UK: /mɒnˈmɑːrtrə/ mon-MAR-trə, US: /moʊnˈ-/ mohn-, French: [mɔ̃maʁtʁ] ( listen)) is a large hill in Paris’s 18th arrondissement. It is 130 m (430 ft) high and gives its name to the surrounding district, part of the Right Bank in the northern section of the city.

Are Mont Marte Watercolours any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a beautiful set! I love that the water colors are This is a beautiful set! I love that the water colors are in tubes it allows you to really control the pigmentation and is so easy to mix two or more colors together.

Where is Mont Marte based?

Are Mont Marte pencils good?

They are quite good, with a good amount of pigment and bright colours. Helen S. Love my new mont marte pencils. Excellent product, and excellent service , Thankyou!

What happened to Montmartre?

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Where is Montmartre located?

Montmartre is a large hill standing 427 feet (130 m) tall. It is one of the most charming, colourful and unique districts in Paris. Also known as the painter’s neighborhood, its small and steep narrow streets are home to the oldest cabarets and to the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur.