Is Nano Nagle a saint?

Honora ‘Nano’ Nagle (1718 – 26 April 1784) was a pioneer of Catholic education in Ireland despite legal prohibitions….Nano Nagle.

Venerable Nano Nagle P.B.V.M.
Venerated in Catholic Church
Major shrine South Presentation Convent Cemetery, Douglas Street, Cork City, Ireland

What was the motto of Nano Nagle?

“Deeds Not Words.
This year, each of our Eighth Graders was challenged to consider the meaning and impact of our STB motto “Deeds Not Words.” Our motto was taken from the family coat of arms of Nano Nagle, foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation.

What were Nano Nagles last words?

Nano Nagle died on April 26, 1784. Her last words to the small group of sisters at her bedside were “Love one another as you have hitherto done. Spend yourselves for the poor.”

What are the values of Nano Nagle?

The values promote the dignity of the human person, inspire a Christian vision of the world, encourage the search for truth, wisdom and beauty, and lead to the formation of mature personalities.

What did Nano Nagle do in Ireland?

Between the early 1750s and her death in 1784 Nano Nagle established schools in Cork to educate poor Catholic children, brought the Ursuline Sisters to Ireland and founded her own religious order, the Presentation Sisters, which at its height had over 500 schools across the world educating in excess of 20,000 students.

What is Nano Nagles legacy?

Honora “Nano” Nagle — Nano, as she was universally known, spent many dangerous years traversing Cork City’s dank passageways in her relentless quest for education for the poorest children and to bring comfort to the city’s destitute.

How did Nano Nagle inspire people?

Known as the “Lady of the Lantern,” Nano carried her lantern through the dark streets of Cork City, Ireland, guiding the lost, the sick, the elderly and the marginalized. Risking her own life, she transformed the lives of others by offering hope, love and compassion.

Where is Nano Nagle from?

Cork, IrelandNano Nagle / Place of birth

How did Nano Nagle help others?

How did Nano Nagle have a positive impact on the world?

Nano Nagle inspired Edmund Ignatius Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers, to bring education to the poor. Having opened her first classroom in the slums of Cork city, Nagle built a network of schools that became the template for Catholic education in the country.

When was Nano Nagle born date?

1718Nano Nagle / Date of birth

How is Nano Nagle remembered?