Is Nashi Argan good for hair?

It is very suitable to nourish dull and damaged hair due to repeated coloring and the use of chemicals. combined with Nashi Argan Shampoo, this conditioner is a must-have for your daily hair care.

Are Nashi hair products good?

Definitely not worth the money. The hair mask: I got to the last drops in three months. It’s a good hair mask, it leaves the hair, and especially the ends, very nourished and soft. Gives the hair a silky texture, but tends to weight the hair down.

Is Nashi a good brand?

My verdict – Definitely, a cut above the rest. For one, its eco friendly and does not strip your hair of its natural moisture content (in fact Nashi Argan removes only 10% of your hair’s moisture content). Plus, it has this nutty, vanilla like fragrance that stays on.

Is Nashi Argan Shampoo sulphate free?

Nashi Argan Shampoo is free of Sulphates, Sodium chloride, phosphates (sls-sles) and Parabens!

Is Nashi Argan organic?

Nashi Argan is a cosmetic brand that is designing exclusive organic haircare & skincare products. Their care range embraces argan oil, linseed oil, shampoo, conditioner & mask for all salon & beauty experts.

Are Nashi products organic?

Nashi is an Italian, luxury, organic haircare brand that is a tad expensive but worth every penny. It’s available in select stores and suits all hair types. This is a deep acting mask that contains argan oil which moisturises, revitalises and rebuilds damaged, frizzy hair.

Is Nashi shampoo organic?

Label states it is organic, and paraben and sls free.

Where is Nashi Argan from?

Organic Argan Oil used in the product Nashi Argan is obtained by cold pressing of women in cooperatives in the southern desert areas of Morocco.

What is Nashi treatment for hair?

The Nashi Argan Filler Therapy Restorative Shampoo is an exclusively designed formula to treat chemically treated, damaged and weak hair. The formula is enriched with collagen, elastin and keratin which regenerates the hair structure, giving it elasticity and brightness.

Is Nashi shampoo silicone free?

Does Nashi Argan use silicones? Nashi Argan uses safe and latest-generation silicones. They do not have negative impact on hair because they are volatile silicones that form a non-occlusive film on the hair and they can be removed with just one shampoo.

Is Nashi shampoo good for colored hair?

Hair type: The Nashi Hydrating Conditioner is suitable for absolutely all hair types. The product is particularly gentle and therefore recommended for colored hair.