Is Patron Cafe good in coffee?

It’s excellent for sipping, mixed in cocktails or as a dessert ingredient. Patrón XO Cafe is a dry, low-proof coffee liqueur that’s a blend of Patrón Silver and the essence of fine coffee. It’s excellent for sipping, mixed in cocktails or as a dessert ingredient.

What does cafe patron taste like?

The brand’s coffee-flavoured variety bursts with freshly roasted coffee on the nose, with chocolate in support and small punches of pepper in background. The palate is decadent, thick and demanding from the offset, and introduces black espresso and bitter chocolate before caramel consumes the cocoa.

Why has cafe patron been discontinued?

Patrón Tequila president and COO Mauricio Vergara said the spirits maker was discontinuing the drink because the business wanted to focus “on growing and protecting production and supply of our core super and ultra-premium tequilas”.

How strong is cafe patron?

What Is Patron Xo Cafe Made With? In addition to Patron Silver, a 100% blue agave tequila, Patron XO Cafe uses coffee as its primary ingredient. Making coffee liqueurs normally calls for neutral spirits like rum or neutral spirits. It is bottled at 35% alcohol by volume.

Is patron cafe being discontinued?

Patrón XO Café has been discontinued: These are the best alternatives to try, from Cazcabel to Corker | The Independent.

Does cafe patron have caffeine?

– Hi Geibel, a standard 2 oz serving of Patrón XO Cafe contains . 01g of caffeine.

How do you serve cafe patron?


  1. Rim a martini glass with sugar.
  2. Combine Patrón XO Cafe and Patrón Silver with espresso in a mixing glass.
  3. Add ice; shake and strain.
  4. Garnish with powdered chocolate.

Is cafe patron really being discontinued?

What happened coffee patron?

In a move that is certain to disappoint club rats across the globe, spirits manufacturer Bacardí has announced that iconic coffee-infused liqueur Patrón XO Cafe is no more. The tequila brand’s electrifying release is set to be discontinued with production to cease in the coming months.

Is there caffeine in cafe patron?

Will cafe patron come back?

What’s happening? Cafe Patron (or Patron Xo Cafe to give it it’s Sunday name), the popular coffee infused liqueur, is set to be discontinued globally as owners Bacardi look to focus on their core and premium tequilas, which are growing in popularity.

How long does cafe patron last?

5 years
Patrón Tequila on Twitter: “@telsonalva Hi Telson, typically Patrón XO Café has a shelf life of 5 years.