Is Pilkington Glass closing?

NSG Pilkington will close its glass manufacturing plant in St. Helens, U.K., by the end of 2021, according to local reporting in the St. Helens Star. Company officials are reported as saying the reason was that the plant was no longer profitable.

Is Pilkington Glass Made in UK?

Pilkington Architectural Glass in the UK & Ireland We manufacture, process and distribute glass in the UK under the Pilkington brand name, using the most advanced glass and coating technology.

How do I contact Pilkington Glass?

  1. Phone: 07967 660230. Email: [email protected].
  2. International Sales Manager – Pilkington Planarâ„¢ Pilkington Planarâ„¢ Export.
  3. Phone: 07710 009747. Email: [email protected].

Where is Pilkington from?

English (Lancashire): habitational name from a place in the parish of Prestwich, Lancashire, so named from Old English Pilecingtun ‘settlement (Old English tun) associated with Pileca’. The surname is established in Ireland, where its presence was first recorded in the early 15th century.

Where is Pilkington England?

“PILKINGTON, a township in the parish of Prestwich, hundred of Salford, county Lancaster, 5 miles N.W. of Manchester, and 4 S.W. of Bury. It is a populous district, containing the hamlets of Unsworth, Stand, Outwood, and Whitefield, and the poorhouse for the Salford union.

What happened Pilkington Glass?

The company became Pilkington plc. 2006 Pilkingtons was taken over by Nippon Sheet Glass of Japan.

Is Pilkington Glass Any good?

Pilkington is the only global glass manufacturer which produces windscreens, sidelights and backlights in the same plants and on the same production lines both for the car builders and the aftermarket customers. This means that Pilkington glass always uses highest quality standards.

Who owns Pilkington Glass?

Nippon Sheet GlassPilkington / Parent organization

Is glass still made in St Helens?

How is glass made in St Helens? Pilkington’s images of its Greengate site in St Helens, the town where the now-universally used float glass process was invented and is still used today.