Is Polycom compatible with Cisco?

Poly has the widest range of Cisco Interoperability Validated headsets and solutions for all Cisco Collaboration platforms including Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Teams, Cisco Jabber and Cisco Unified IP Phone. Know that Poly has you covered with the deepest integrations and certifications in the industry.

Is Polycom same as Cisco?

Cisco and Polycom both offer a slew of products and services….Cisco vs Polycom: Company Comparison.

Info Compared Cisco Systems, Inc. Polycom
Major Products Cisco RealPresence, Cisco United Fabric, Unified Management/Data VVX Phones, SoundStation IP Conference phones, OTX, Siren Codecs,
Number of Employees (direct) ~71000 ~3,974

Did Cisco buy Polycom?

Polycom was co-founded in 1990 by Brian L Hinman and Jeffrey Rodman. In 2018 Polycom was acquired by Plantronics and in 2019 the name of the combined entity was changed to Poly. On March 28, 2022 HP Inc….Poly Inc.

Type Subsidiary

What is a Polycom phone?

The Polycom VVX 150 business IP phone is a high quality, two-line, IP phone that delivers reliable performance and an enterprise grade sound quality. It is ideal for home offices or shared/common areas or any: locations that needs simple and reliable voice connectivity.

Does Polycom work with Webex?

Webex | Poly, formerly Plantronics & Polycom. Poly works with the leading VaaS providers to ensure interoperability that is seamless across all environments and delivers the optimal collaborative experience. Poly Video endpoints now bring the Webex Meetings experience into RealPresence huddle and conference rooms.

Where are Cisco phones made?

Cisco has manufacturing facilities in Asia, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America, and Western Europe.

Can Polycom connect to Webex?

Complete the Polycom Request Form & e-file it to the case from which you are requesting to appear by Webex. 3. Once the clerk accepts your request and schedules the meeting, you will receive an invite email notifying you of the scheduled polycom.

What happened to Polycom?

Plantronics Completes Acquisition of Polycom to Create Total Communications Solutions Strategy. The last of the surviving “videoconference companies” received a life buoy from Plantronics in March 2018, with the announcement of a proposed acquisition.

What company owns Polycom?

PlantronicsPoly Inc. / Parent organization

How does a Polycom work?

The Polycom SoundStation is a conference phone for medium-sized rooms. The Polycom HD Voice technology ensures that all voices are captured and reproduced in very high quality. Callers are just as easy to understand as if they were physically present in the room. The Polycom SoundStation is available in three versions.