Is PRINCE2 practitioner harder than PMP?

PRINCE2 Foundation is easier than PMP and it’s unfair to compare them, while PRINCE2 Practitioner is as hard as PMP, or as some people believe, even harder than PMP. The main source for the both Foundation and Practitioner exams is an official publication named “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2”.

How difficult is PRINCE2 certification?

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Difficulty is indeed high but it is not unachievable. Therefore, all this boils down to the right preparation strategy and genuine Prince2 Practioner learning resources to clear the exam. Remember consistency and determination are two essential keys to unlock this exam.

What is easier than PMP?

To put it simply, the CAPM is considered more entry-level, while the PMP is professional level. As a result, the CAPM exam prerequisites are less restrictive, and the exam is relatively easier and less expensive than the PMP.

Which has more value PMP or PRINCE2?

PMP and Prince2 certification details Certified PMP professionals have better salary prospects. They get more significant, and frequent pay raises. There are more networking opportunities. There are better employment prospects for certified PMP professionals.

What is the pass rate for PRINCE2?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is 1-hour, has 60 multiple-choice questions, and has a pass-mark of 55%. This exam has a 97% pass rate (UK national average).

Can I get a PMP without experience?

No. You cannot take the PMP exam without the required project management experience and education. Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is one of the prestigious and globally recognized certifications offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Can I self learn PRINCE2?

Self-Study When you’re ready, you can use the free PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator to familiarize yourself with the exam. Finally, when you’re ready, you can buy a voucher for the official online exam and take it from home or office, anywhere in the world.