Is Professor McGonagall in all Harry Potter movies?

Maggie Smith played Professor McGonagall for all eight “Harry Potter” movies from 2001 to 2011. Warner Bros. Maggie Smith said acting in all eight “Harry Potter” movies “wasn’t satisfying” enough for her as an actress.

Who is the actress for Professor McGonagall?

Margaret Natalie Smith
Smith gained international acclaim for her role as Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter film series (2001–2011)….Maggie Smith.

Dame Maggie Smith CH DBE
Born Margaret Natalie Smith 28 December 1934 Ilford, London, England
Occupation Actress
Years active 1952–present
Works Full list

Why is Maggie Smith not in the Harry Potter reunion?

Maggie Smith She also did not attend the special and it’s unclear why. Fans have suggested that this could be because the studio behind it potentially couldn’t afford her or that she didn’t attend because she’s old (87-years-old), wants to move on, or had a scheduling conflict with Downton Abbey.

Is Maggie Smith in Harry Potter reunion?

While decorated Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith appears in Return to Hogwarts via archive footage — J.K. Rowling–style — the erstwhile Professor McGonagall did not grace the reunion in person.

Who was missing from Harry Potter reunion?

However, a crucial cast member was missing. Michael Gambon, who played Albus Dumbledore in six films, after taking over from the late Richard Harris, didn’t appear in the reunion special at all, beyond footage from the films.

Why is Molly Weasley not in reunion?

Julie Walters Says Cancer Was Caused By Her Acting In an interview with The Times in late 2020, Walter revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer. Even though her cancer has gone into remission, she does not plan to go back to acting in order to take care of her health.

Why was Molly Weasley not in the reunion?