Is Revera owned by the Canadian government?

The federal government, through the crown corporation Public Sector Pension Investment Board, is the sole owner of Revera Inc. – and therefore the owner of Canada’s second-largest chain of for-profit long-term care facilities.

What companies does Revera own?

This story has been updated from a previous version that incorrectly stated Revera also trades under the name Groupe Sélection and Sunrise Senior Living. In fact, Revera jointly owns 33 homes operated by Groupe Sélection in Quebec and has a majority ownership stake in Sunrise Senior Living.

Who owns Revera?

Public Sector Pension Investment BoardRevera / Parent organizationThe Public Sector Pension Investment Board is a Canadian Crown corporation established by an act of Parliament in September 1999. PSP Investments is one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers, with CAD $204.5 billion of net assets under management as at March 31, 2021. Wikipedia

How many locations does Revera have in Canada?

“We have 100 retirement residences in Canada, 80 long term homes in Canada, 30 skilled nursing facilities in the U.S., five home care offices and 15 assisted living sites in the U.S.” says Lozon. “We certainly cover the breadth of services of care for seniors.”

Who is the CEO of Revera Living?

Thomas G. Wellner (Apr 2014–)Revera / CEO

Where is revera headoffice?

Mississauga, CanadaRevera / Headquarters

How many LTC homes does Revera own?

36 long term care homes
Through a joint venture, Revera shares ownership of 36 long term care homes in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia with Axium, a Canadian-based infrastructure investment firm. Through a joint venture, Revera shares ownership with Welltower of 92 retirement communities across Canada, US and UK.

Who is CEO of Revera?

How many locations does revera have in Canada?