Is San Felipe Mexico worth visiting?

San Felipe is a very US-citizen-friendly city and offers year-round activities for visitors from the states. Visitors from the USA can be sure that locals in San Felipe are more than willing to help with directions, recommendations for restaurants and shopping, travel accommodations and more.

Is it safe to drive to San Felipe Baja?

While driving in Mexico is relatively safe, accidents and breakdowns do occur. There are large stretches of uninhabited desert between the border and San Felipe so it doesn’t hurt to come prepared. Carrying a few tools, blankets, and extra water is a good idea.

Can you swim in San Felipe?

The beach is a major draw for people coming to San Felipe, because just as it provides countless business opportunities for the locals, it provides just as many fun and recreational activities for those who come from near and far. Visitors love to swim in the clear waters and sunbathe on the coast.

Can you drink the water in San Felipe Mexico?

The city water supply comes from wells about 30 miles south of town. While it is considered safe to drink, it has a high mineral content.

Is the water clear in San Felipe?

Visitors love to swim in the clear waters and sunbathe on the coast. Clamming, fishing, and flying high in the sky on an ultra light plane are other popular activities that take place on the beach in San Felipe.

Are there great whites in Baja California?

You bet. The seas surrounding Baja California are filled with great white sharks. Guadalupe, a volcanic island about 150 miles off the coast, is home to colonies of seals—and one of the biggest populations of great whites in the world.

Is there sharks in San Felipe Mexico?

The waters surrounding the Baja peninsula are famous for their diverse sea life, and divers can expect to see hammerhead sharks, mantas and thousands of tropical fish.

What is San Felipe Baja California known for?

San Felipe, Baja California. The seven-meter tides expose a kilometer of ocean floor. The port of San Felipe is a small town historically dependent on fishing and now on tourism, catering mostly to U.S. travelers and containing an international airport .

What are the telephone numbers for San Felipe?

Useful San Felipe Telephone Numbers Any Emergency (Fire, Police, Ambulance) from any landline or mobile telephone on the road or in San Felipe dial 911 Local area code: 686 COTUCO (Conventions and Tourism): 686 577-2300 Tourism Department: 686 577-1155 For Tourist Assistance dial 078 For Emergencies dial 911

What are the best San Felipe sightseeing trips?

One of the lesser known sightseeing trips in San Felipe is a boat ride to Konsag Island. This is a rock, visible from the San Felipe coast line, and about an hour out to Sea. The area around the rock has much marine life and makes for great fishing.

Why is San Felipe so famous for food?

Local eats have always been known for the fresh seafood and products of the sea. Many food events and festivals are carried out throughout the year, like the Shrimp Festival and Oyster Festival, which attract hundreds of visitors per event. No bad days in San Felipe!