Is Shared Services Canada a department?

Shared Services Canada (SSC; French: Services partagés Canada (SPC)) is an agency of the Government of Canada responsible for advancing, consolidating and providing information technology services across federal government departments.

What does Shared Services Canada do?

Shared Services Canada (SSC) delivers digital services to Government of Canada organizations. We provide modern, secure and reliable IT services so federal organizations can deliver digital programs and services that meet Canadians needs.

Why was Shared Services Canada created?

Shared Services Canada (SSC) was created in 2011, to transform how the government manages and secures its information technology (IT) infrastructure. SSC plays a key role in the government’s ability to deliver digital programs and services that improve the lives of Canadians, their families and communities.

What department does Service Canada belong to?

the Employment and Social Development Canada
Service Canada is currently a part of the Employment and Social Development Canada. The department is the Government of Canada’s major provider of social programs, services and benefits, and is a key player in the development of the full range of social policies at the federal level.

Why was SSC created?

The estimates committee in the parliament recommended the setting up of a Service Selection Commission in its 47th report (1967–68) for conducting examinations to recruit lower categories of posts.

What is shared service organization?

Shared services is the consolidation of business operations that are used by multiple parts of the same organization. Shared services are cost-efficient because they centralize back-office operations that are used by multiple divisions of the same company and eliminate redundancy.

Is Shared Services Canada a good place to work?

Shared Services Canada (SSC) is a positive place to work and allows for the fostering of one’s career goals. With a heavy task to modernize the Government of Canada, everyone at SSC is hardworking and inclusive, allowing for one to feel welcomed and accepted, creating a nurturing environment for success.

How many people work at SSC?

At the outset, SSC was given a big mandate to modernize and consolidate the Government of Canada’s information technology infrastructure. SSC’s 7,100 employees support the technology needs of over 200,000 federal employees and handle about 600,000 requests and 100,000 incidents a year.

What does the shared government do?

Powers Shared by National and State Governments Building highways. Borrowing money. Making and enforcing laws. Chartering banks and corporations.

What do shared services do?