Is Sonja Henie still alive?

October 12, 1969Sonja Henie / Date of death

Are Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean Luc Baker?

With his skating partner, Kaitlin Hawayek, he is the 2018 Four Continents champion, the 2018 NHK Trophy champion, and a four-time U.S. national bronze medalist (2019–22)….

Jean-Luc Baker
Country represented United States
Born October 7, 1993 Burnley, England
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Partner Kaitlin Hawayek

Did Gabby daleman win the Olympics?

She is a 2018 Olympic gold medalist in the team event, the 2017 World bronze medalist, 2017 Four Continents silver medalist, 2014 CS Autumn Classic champion, and two-time Canadian national champion….

Gabrielle Daleman
Short program 72.70 2016 Trophée de France
Free skate 142.41 2017 World Team Trophy

Who is the youngest Olympic figure skater?

She was, until 2019, the youngest skater to win a U.S. Nationals. She was also the youngest skater to win a World Figure Skating title and the youngest to win an Olympic gold medal….

Tara Lipinski
Retired 1998 amateur, 2002 pro

What figure skater was the rival of Tonya Harding?

Nancy Kerrigan
In January 1994, Harding became embroiled in controversy when her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, orchestrated an attack on her fellow U.S. skating rival Nancy Kerrigan. Both women then competed in the February 1994 Winter Olympics, where Kerrigan won the silver medal and Harding finished eighth.

Are Chock and Bates a couple in real life?

Chock, 29, and Bates, 32, both attended high schools outside of Detroit, Michigan, and briefly dated as teenagers before they started skating together in 2011. They announced they were a couple in 2017 after a year of dating.

Are any of the Olympic skaters married?

Misato Komatsubara and Tim Koleto of Team Japan met through skating together and married in 2017. They helped Japan win a team bronze medal in Beijing with their free dance.

Is Gabby daleman still skating?

Gabrielle Daleman Wins Women’s Event at 2022 Skate Canada Challenge. REGINA – Two-time Olympian Gabrielle Daleman posted the best scores in both the short program and Sunday’s free skate to win the women’s event to conclude the 2022 Skate Canada Challenge.

Who won Skate Canada 2022?

Newfoundland and Labrador team wins gold at 2022 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships. Starlites totalled 125.26 points over two free programs with Quebec’s Rythmiks Lanaudière second at 114.91 and Black Gold from Calgary third at 114.89.