Is standard for HDPE fittings?

HDPE Fittings are available as per Indian Standards like IS 8008, IS 8360,and as per International Standards. All the Fittings are manufactured using virgin raw material only.

What is the wall thickness of a 22 inch IPS dr11 pipe?

HDPE, ANSI DR 11.0, 200 psi, Pipe Iron Pipe Size (in) Datasheet

Pipe Size (NPS) Outside Diameter (IPS) Minimum Wall (in)
22 22.000 2.000
24 24.000 2.182
26 26.000 2.364
28 28.000 2.545

What does dr11 mean?

This means that two pipes with the same OD but different DR numbers would have different wall thicknesses. For example, a 14” OD pipe with a wall thickness of 1.273 inches would have a DR of 11, while a 14” pipe with a wall thickness of 0.824 would have a DR of 17.

What is difference between PE 63 and pe80?

PE 63 – medium pressure piping systems – irrigation system – drinking water connections. PE 80 – gas pipe for natural gas distribution network with pressure rate up to 4 bars – drinking water pipe with pressure rate up to 16 bar – sewers, outfall pipes, industrial pipes.

Is code for HDPE pipe jointing?

Regarding guidance for laying and jointing of polyethylene pipe, including storage and handling, a reference may be made to IS 7634 ( Part 11 ) : 1975 Code of practice for plastic pipe work for potable water supplies: Part 11 Laying and jointing polyethylene (PE) pipes’.

Can you use PVC fittings on HDPE?

Due to the different materials, HDPE pipes and PVC pipes cannot be bonded by hot melt or glue. HDPE pipe and PVC pipe can use threaded connection or flange connection.

What is HDPE fitting?

HDPE fittings refers to a range of jointing fittings and adaptors that suit HDPE pipe. These fittings are made from PE100 HDPE material, and are designed for HDPE pipelines. The large range and types of PE fittings reflects the versatility and adaptability of HDPE pipe.