Is Straight Talk a good cell phone carrier?

Yes, Straight Talk is a great MVNO. You’ll experience reliable service on one of the major networks in Verizon, AT, and T-Mobile. Prices are affordable among other mobile virtual network operators. Plus, there’s a solid selection of Straight Talk phone options or BYOD choices.

What are the cons of Straight Talk?

Pros and Cons of Straight Talk Cell Phone Service
Pros Cons
Good deal: $45 for 25GB plan Slow data speeds at times
Available nationwide at Walmart Phones with financing can be costly
Free and low-cost phones available for sale

Is Straight Talk the worst service?

Straight Talk Is the Worst Phone Carrier in America.

Is Straight Talk customer service good?

Straight Talk Wireless has a consumer rating of 1.38 stars from 157 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Straight Talk Wireless most frequently mention customer service, new phone and sim card problems.

Are Straight Talk phones lower quality?

Data speeds: The LTE averages at 31.1 Mbps downloading and 15.6 Mbps uploading. Streaming quality: Straight Talk phones contain “data optimizers” that limit you to 480p resolution. So you can still stream, but the quality won’t be amazing.

Is Verizon better than Straight Talk?

On average, Straight Talk speeds clock in at 31.1 Mbps downloading and 15.6 Mbps uploading. Verizon is much speedier at a 53.3 Mbps download and 17.5 Mbps. With that said, both offer good speeds overall.

Which is better Verizon or Straight Talk?

Is AT better than Straight Talk?

It really depends on your needs. AT offers premium service, but you have to pay a premium price. Straight Talk has its issues, but if you’re on a tight budget and don’t need the fastest speeds or best customer service, you save $20-30 per month on your phone bill going for it instead of AT.

Is Straight Talk throttling my data?

For example, your Straight Talk plan might come with 3GB, 25GB, or unlimited GB. Once you’ve reached your allowance of data, you’ll get slowed down to 2G speeds. If you need more high-speed data, you can add on extra GBs or upgrade to a different service plan.

Why does my Straight Talk phone keep losing service?

Check your phone’s network settings. Be sure that Data Roaming is turned on in case your phone has moved between networks and somehow got hung up. Even if it’s turned on, toggle it off and then back on again to reset it. Confirm that Network Mode is set to the proper Auto setting for your specific phone.

Is Verizon dropping Straight Talk?

Now that Straight Talk is part of Verizon, how does this affect me? Your current Straight Talk Service Plan will remain available for use on VoLTE-ready phones at least until Nov. 23, 2024. You will continue to enjoy your wireless service and do not need to take any action until we notify you.