Is the Churchill VII a good tank?

Churchill VII was never a good tank even in its heyday. The problem back then was the mudguard weakspots inherent to all Churchills, then there’s the sheer pen increase that 152mm armor is buttered by sprem. Now we have triple-M44 bot battles that the thin-roofed Churchills can’t withstand very well.

Is the Churchill a good tank in WOT?

The Churchill I is by far the slowest heavy tank at Tier 5. It is a very inflexible vehicle with some very glaring weaknesses, but it does have an accurate gun with good penetration.

What gun did Churchill 7 use?

75mm gun
Churchill Mk VII (A22F) 1,600 produced, together with Mark VIII. The second big redesign, the VII used the 75mm gun, was wider and carried much more armour, 50 percent thicker at the front than a Tiger I, giving it the ability to withstand massive amounts of punishment.

Is Churchill III good?

The Churchill is one of the most popular Tier V premium tanks, which boasts a rapid rate of fire, large hit point pool, and good armor that reliably deflects shots from most tanks of its tier and lower.

How many Churchill tanks were lost?

656 Churchill tanks
On the Western Front in 1944–1945, 4,477 British Commonwealth tanks were destroyed, including 2,712 M4 Sherman tanks, 656 Churchill tanks, 609 Cromwell tanks, 433 M3 Stuart light tanks, 39 Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger tanks, 26 Comet tanks, 2 M24 Chaffee light tanks. ~10,000 tanks/SPGs/tank destroyers lost.

Was the Black Prince used in ww2?

The Black Prince was to be the final, ultimate form of the A22 Infantry Tank Mk. IV, better known as the Churchill. The A22, Mk. I to VII became the workhorse heavy/infantry tank of the British army during WWII.

Did the Black Prince tank ever see combat?

The Black Prince Infantry Tank was the ultimate evolution of the storied Churchill Infantry Tank of the British Army that saw considerable action during World War 2. The original Churchill entered service in 1941 and was produced until 1945 to the tune of 7,368 units, the last retired in 1952.

Is the Black Prince a good tank?

However, its good armor and excellent hit point pool make it a tough adversary when driven by a skilled tanker. If fully upgraded and driven a someone who really knows what they’re doing, the Black Prince can be something of a nightmare for the enemy. The Black Prince leads to the Caernarvon.