Is the CPP exam open book?

The exam is open-book and open-notes. You will need to bring your calculator, and may use a computer for viewing files only. Please note that you will be tested on the most recent Governing Board adopted rules and publicly available implementation guidelines/policies/procedures that are applicable as of the exam date.

How long does it take to study for the CPP?

Preparing for the Exam Successful candidates indicate that they pursued a minimum three-month course of study and review based on the CPP content outline and Knowledge, Skills, and Ability statements.

What is CPP and PSP?

ASIS CPP and PSP Certification Intensive Classroom Preparation Programmes Conducted in the UK. The ASIS CPP and PSP certifications are globally-recognised benchmarks in security management. The certifications are achieved by examination that evidences assimilation of a large body of reference materials.

How much does the CPP exam cost?

When and how is the CPP Exam administered? The APA approves candidates to take the CPP and issues them an identification number. Test takers are required to pay testing fees before locations or times are scheduled. APA members in North America or on military installations pay a $380 fee; non-members are charged $550.

What is the Physical Security Professional (PSP) credential?

The Physical Security Professional (PSPⓇ) credential demonstrates your knowledge in physical security assessments, application, design, and integration of physical security systems, and implementation of security measures.

How long does it take to become a certified physical security specialist?

Three (3) to five (5) years of physical security* experience depending on education level.

Is there a study guide for the PSP exam?

This study guide is designed to help applicants prepare for the Physical Security Professional (PSP) certification exam. The book provides an overview of physical security plus an outline of the recommended reference materials—Physical Security Principles and Implementing Physical Protection Systems 2nd edition.

Is there a study guide for the ASIS PSP review?

Author Kevin Doss has taught the ASIS PSP review course for many years. The book also includes practice questions and a glossary. A study guide can be used as a supplement to the recommended references; it should not be considered the sole source for preparation and does not contain actual questions from the exam.