Is the Ruger SR9C discontinued?

Is Ruger SR9 discontinued? Yes. The Ruger SR9 was discontinued for a period of time before it then became a Distributor Exclusive of Sports South, who is no longer selling it.

How many bullets does a Ruger SR9C hold?

10 rounds
The Ruger SR9C comes with a pretty standard set of items which at this time are geared to pretty smart inclusion. The two magazines are pretty typical, except that one is high capacity (17 rds) and one is standard capacity (10 rounds) with a finger placement extension.

What caliber is the Ruger SR9C?

9×19mm Parabellum
Ruger SR-Series

Ruger SR9
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum SR9, SR9c .40 S&W SR40, SR40c .45 ACP SR45
Action Short recoil, locked breech
Feed system detachable box magazine: 9mm: 10 or 17 rounds .40 S&W: 9 or 15 rounds .45 ACP: 10+1 rounds
Sights Iron sights

What does SR9C stand for?

But the SR9c (the “C” stands for compact) isn’t just an SR9 with a shorter barrel but rather an entirely new design. The SR9c comes in two versions – one with a stainless steel slide, and the other with a Nitrodox Pro Black finish slide, designed to resist holster wear.

How many rounds does a Ruger hold?

Both variants are chambered in 9mm and have a magazine capacity of 15+1 rounds.

Why buy a Ruger SR9c?

The web of your gun hand sits perfectly under the SR9c’s slide, eliminating the need to “choke up” on the love handle. The righteous Ruger also lines up with the axis of your arm with unconscious ease; assuring proper positioning for another oft-neglected firearm fundamental.

Is the Ruger SR9c James Bond’s gun?

Next Post▶ The Ruger SR9c is a deeply sexy handgun. Our two-tone tester’s perfect proportions, sleek striations and over-sized alphanumerics say Bond, James Bond, in a way that even the Walther PPK can’t match. In fact, the rugged yet suave Ruger shares many of the Bond gun’s best bits.

How many Mags are in a SR9c pistol?

Ruger SR9c 9mm Compact Pistol, Brushed Stainless (10rd Mag Model w/ Two 17rd Mags) – 3316… Ruger SR9c Compact 9mm 17 Round Pistol with Stainless Steel Slide – 3313… Ruger Pistol SR9c SS 9mm with 3 Mags 3339…

Does the SR9c have the same safety as a Glock?

While the SR9c has the same trigger safety, since there’s virtually no take up I would not feel comfortable carrying it like my Glock as the lack of take up makes me feel the slightest bump could make it go off. I practice with the safety, & it’s quite easy to get used to flipping the safety off as you bring the gun up to fire.