Is the Walker Tracker app free?

Walker Tracker wants to support you in building a happier, healhier life. We have step challenge options for every budget. So much so, in fact, that you can opt to use our free resource: Walker Tracker Community. The Community is a platform to track your steps, connect with others, and participate in challenges.

How does the Walker Tracker app work?

The Walker Tracker step challenge app automatically logs steps or allows manual entry from pedometer readings. Convert popular exercise and activity into steps and challenge friends or coworkers. Integrates with Apple Watch, Apple Health and nearly all activity trackers & step counters.

What devices work with Walker tracker?

Devices and Apps galore! Link and send data to Walker Tracker directly

  • Fitbit.
  • Garmin.
  • Misfit.
  • Jawbone.
  • Withings.
  • Striiv.
  • Microsoft.

How do I sync my walker tracker?

To sync Apple Health with Walker Tracker:

  1. Tap the Gear icon to open your Settings panel.
  2. Select the toggle to Sync Using Apple Health.
  3. You will be asked to share data with Health Kit, a data provider, select Connect to Health Kit and allow any permissions when asked.

How does social steps work?

Social Steps imports and reads your steps from Apple Health to count your steps. No need to configure, calibrate or start the tracking. It just works. Add your friends using Facebook or simply by sharing a link via your favorite social media or messaging app.

How do you track a step challenge?

a. The free Fitbit app can serve as an activity tracker so users without a Fitbit device can participate. By doing this, users will all be tracking their steps automatically and can join a challenge or become “friends” with other participants on the app, which will assign them to a leaderboard.

Does Walker Tracker work on Android?

If you don’t have a wearable device, your Smartphone may be able to serve as your tracking device instead, using one of the following applications configured to use your phone’s built in motion sensors: Apple Health- iOS only. Google Fit – Android. Fitbit Mobile Track – iOS, Android, and Windows.

Why are my steps not syncing?

Check that the device is properly charged and steps are reaching whatever step app you are tracking from. If you are connecting a device as a data source for Google Fit or Apple Health, make sure your steps are reaching that app and, if they aren’t, check the support for your device to figure out how to configure that.

How do I manually add steps to Walker Tracker?

To start, navigate to your landing page.

  1. Click Add an Entry.
  2. Click on the calendar icon to make sure you are entering your steps for the correct date.
  3. Enter in the amount of steps you accumulated for that day.
  4. Click Update Entry to finish and save the amount of steps you’ve taken.
  5. Make A Journal Entry.
  6. Upload A Picture.