Is there a 3rd Purge?

With regards to the second season of The Purge, sadly we won’t get to see it anytime in the future as on May 13, 2020, the USA Network officially canceled the series solely after two seasons.

Is Leo Barnes in The Purge 3?

In the third film, set seventeen years later, in 2040, Leo Barnes is now the chief of security for lawyer-turned-senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) in Washington D.C., who runs for the presidency with aims to end the Purge after her family was killed (during the events of the first film).

Did Charlie Roan end The Purge?

“Charlie Roan, whose first move as President was to eliminate the Purge, wasn’t re-elected and has been gone for years. The divide in America grew. The New Founding Fathers were voted back into power, and the Purge was reinstated.”

Who is the bloody stranger in the purge?

Dante “Dwayne” Bishop, also known as The Stranger is a major character in The Purge film series. He started out as a victim, but later became a Anti-Purge fighter to and the Purge once end for all.

How old is the daughter in the purge?

In Los Angeles, working-class waitress Eva Sanchez returns home to her 17-year-old daughter Cali and terminally ill father Rico, who also despise the New Founding Fathers. As Eva and Cali prepare to barricade themselves into their apartment, Rico retires to his room to be alone as the Purge starts.

Why was purge Cancelled?

The Purge TV Series was canceled due to low viewership and a programming shift. At one point, Season 1 of “The Purge” was USA Network’s top-performing drama series and raked in 2.3 million total viewers per episode, according to Variety.

Is Leo in purge forever?

Frank Grillo May Return as Leo Barnes in a New Purge Movie After The Forever Purge. Despite reports that upcoming sequel The Forever Purge will be the final movie in the hugely successful Purge franchise, star Frank Grillo has teased that this may not be the case.

What happens to Leo Barnes?

After Leo tells the story of his son’s death, he ventures to the Grass household despite Cali’s pleas not to give in to revenge. Inside the house, Leo threatens Warren and his wife. He interrogates Warren but later forgives and spares him. A bloodied Leo is shot by Big Daddy as he exits the house.

Who lives in The Forever Purge?

Though they lost one of their own, the group consisting of Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Adela (Ana de la Reguera), as well as rancher Dylan (Josh Lucas), his sister Harper (Leven Rambin), and his pregnant wife Cassie (Cassidy Freeman) all make it across the border at the end of The Forever Purge.