Is there a dating site for HIV positive people?

HIV People Meet is a free dating site that allows you to find other singles living with HIV. By joining the site, you have access to a live dating advisor and other support services. The website also provides information on local support events and offers dating tips.

When do you disclose HIV status when dating?

Wait until you’re comfortable emotionally before you share the information with others. Be sensitive and patient when sharing your HIV-positive status. You never know for sure how the other person will react. When disclosing to family and friends, be prepared for their questions.

What it’s like to date someone with HIV?

Many people with HIV can expect to have a near-normal lifespan. It may be reassuring to know that you can have a long-term relationship and a fulfilling sex life with your partner, and stay HIV negative. It’s completely safe to kiss and hug your partner.

Can an HIV positive person date a negative person?

You can still have a healthy sexual relationship Even before PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, a daily pill the HIV-negative person takes) there was little risk as long as couples were practicing safe sex and using condoms. But with the arrival of PrEP, there’s even less of a chance.

Do you have to tell people you’re undetectable?

If I have an undetectable viral load or use a condom, do I still need to disclose my status to sexual partners? In most states with an HIV-specific criminal law, your viral load is not a factor in whether you must disclose your HIV-positive status; a few states, however, do take condom use into account.

Can I infect my partner with an undetectable viral load?

Having an undetectable viral load does mean that there is not enough HIV in your body fluids to pass HIV on during sex. In other words, you are not infectious. For as long as your viral load stays undetectable, your chance of passing on HIV to a sexual partner is zero.