Is there a place called haha?

Toponymists—collectors of funny place names—have long prized Saint-Louis-du-Ha!- Ha! as the world’s only town to boast not one but two exclamation points in its name. Today, Saint-Louis-du-Ha!- Ha!

Why is it called St Louis du Ha ha?

The name is believed to be derived from the archaic French word “ha-ha”, which refers to an unexpected obstacle or ending of a path, such as a cul-de-sac. The obstruction, if this is the true origin, would be Lake Témiscouata just beyond the town. “Louis” is believed to refer to one of the town’s founders.

Who is St Louis de Ha Ha?

The Louis may refer to Louis Marquis, one of the first colonists of the region, or Louis-Antoine Proulx, vicar of Rivière-du-Loup, or perhaps the abbot Louis-Nicolas Bernier. Saint-Louis-du-Ha!

Who founded fort Saint Louis?

La Salle
With support from Louis XIV, La Salle led an expedition to the New World, but failed to locate the Mississippi and landed 400 miles away in Matagorda Bay. Thinking he was close to his destination, La Salle established Fort St. Louis in 1685 on the west bank of Garcitas Creek.

What city in Canada contains two exclamation marks?

The municipality of Saint-Louis-du-Ha!- Ha!, located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, about 250 kilometres northeast of Quebec City, finds itself on page 161 of the 2018 edition of the book of records. It is being recognized as the only community in the world with two exclamation marks in its name.

Did Native Americans destroy Fort St. Louis?

The drawing was made by members of the De León expedition, who discovered the ruined “fort” several months after it had been ransacked by the Karankawa Indians. The Spaniards burned the buildings and buried the cannons, intending to use them sometime in the future.

What town ends with an exclamation mark?

Saint-Louis-du-Ha!- Ha! is the only town in the world with two exclamation marks in its name.

Why has Westward Ho got an exclamation mark?

As further development took place, the expanding settlement also acquired the name of Westward Ho! The exclamation mark is therefore an intentional part of the village’s name. It is the only such place name in the British Isles; Saint-Louis-du-Ha!

What was Westward Ho called before?

The Northam Burrows Hotel and Villa Building Company
In 1863 “The Northam Burrows Hotel and Villa Building Company” was formed. Its prospectus stated: “This Company has been formed for the erection of a Family Hotel, on an Estate purchased for the purpose immediately contiguous to Northam Burrows, and of Villas and Lodging Houses for Sale or Lease.

What does ho mean in Westward Ho?

Pronunciation: (hō), [key] — interj. (used as a call to attract attention, sometimes specially used after a word denoting a destination): Westward ho! Land ho! (used as an exclamation of surprise or delight.)