Is there a slide on the Great Wall of China?

Millions of people dream of one day standing atop the Great Wall of China. But at the wall’s Mutianyu section, visitors have the opportunity to experience the world wonder in a much more thrilling way: by whizzing down it in a toboggan slide.

How much does it cost to walk the Great Wall of China?

Tours cost around $30 per person and include mini-bus transportation with an English-speaking guide and driver. DON’T visit the wall on weekends or holidays, when it is most crowded. Remember, it’s not just foreigners who tour the Great Wall. Chinese love to visit as well on their days off.

What is the mystery of Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall’s first and primary purpose was built to protect The Chinese Empire from outside forces, but, according to history, a lot of northern nomads managed to cross the barrier. The invasion past the Great Wall by Manchus, in fact, led to the collapse of the Ming Dynasty altogether (The Travel China Guide).

How do you get down from the Great Wall?

There are two ways to get down from the Great Wall of China – the smart way, or the way I took. The bus ride from Beijing is about an hour, depending on which part of the wall you visit. I chose Badaling, the closest access. It was a steep walk up from the parking lot, then a short, swaying ride in a cable car.

Does the Great Wall of China have an elevator?

If you rely on wheel chairs, you got to travel with someone who can push the wheelchair for you, for there are some steep slopes before you get into the cable car station or out of the station. There are no elevators in Mutianyu Great Wall.

How long is the Wall of China?

13,171 miGreat Wall of China / Length

Can you walk on the Great Wall of China?

Badaling. The most popular section of the Great Wall for its proximity to Beijing, Badaling is in excellent condition for walking, and millions of people traverse it every year. In the summer and during Chinese Golden Weeks the wall is very crowded and best avoided.