Is there a word analogously?

Analogously definition In an analogous manner; in a manner which evokes analogy.

What is another way to say experienced?


  • accomplished.
  • capable.
  • competent.
  • mature.
  • professional.
  • qualified.
  • seasoned.
  • skillful.

What is an analogous situation?

adj. 1 similar or corresponding in some respect. 2 (Biology) (of organs and parts) having the same function but different evolutionary origin.

What does it mean when someone is analog?

The definition of an analogue is a thing or person that is like something else in some ways.

How do you use analogously?

In the following, we proceed analogously to the first part. Analogously, motivation is not seen but is manifested in emotion: in arousal, expression, experience. In this case, he would analogously have to say that the phrase three boys generates no proper alternatives.

What does pertinently mean?

: relating to the subject that is being thought about or discussed : relevant a pertinent question.

What does it mean if something is analogous to something else?

similar or comparable to
Definition of analogous : similar or comparable to something else either in general or in some specific detail Timbre in music is analogous to color in painting.—

What is analogous and homologous?

Similar traits can be either homologous or analogous. Homologous structures share a similar embryonic origin; analogous organs have a similar function. For example, the bones in the front flipper of a whale are homologous to the bones in the human arm. These structures are not analogous.

What are analog sensibilities?

This sense of longing has led to all things “old” being referred to as “analog” in Korea, and has given rise to the term “analog sensibilities.” The term has come to be used as an umbrella term for anything that is old or reminiscent of bygone times.

What does the word analog make you think of?

Think of analogue as referring to something parallel or comparable to something else. For example, a lobster’s claw might be considered an analogue to the human hand, as both have similar functions of grabbing and holding. Keep your claws to yourself!