Is there an app for musical chairs?

This app will take care of playing and pausing the music while you and your friends are playing the exciting game of musical chairs! The Player pauses and resumes the music randomly using the timings you’ve adjusted.

How do you play Zoom musical chairs?

Game #2 Virtual Musical Chairs Simply set up a playlist on a music streaming channel of your choice like Spotify or Apple music which features lively songs and makes one Zoom call attendee responsible for handing the music. This person must play and stop this music at random intervals.

Does Alexa have Musical Chairs? Musical Chairs : Alexa Skills. By enabling, this skill can be accessed on all your available Alexa devices. Alexa will be your game-master for Musical Chairs – the popular party game. It just needs a round of chairs and a group of party people to start your game with “Alexa, start Musical Chairs”.

Can adults play musical chairs?

Musical chairs is a beloved game for people of all ages, and always seems to bring out some good laughs.

Is musical chairs safe?

One of the biggest offenders is musical chairs, it seems safe and innocent, but really it is a game about being selfish and pushing smaller people out the way. You win by being mean and aggressive and you lose by being considerate and careful with the feelings and bodies of others.

What age is appropriate for Musical Chairs?

What is Musical Chairs? Musical chairs is a beloved game for people of all ages, and always seems to bring out some good laughs. The original musical chairs game can be played with children as young as age three, while the “clever twist” that I’ll share a little later, works best for children around age seven and up.

How can I make my Musical Chairs more fun?


  1. Set up the Chairs. Line the chairs up in a side-by-side row, but alternate the direction each seat faces.
  2. Play Music. Start the music.
  3. Start Walking. Line kids up at one end of the chairs and have them walk in a circle, around the chairs, as the music plays.
  4. Pause Music at Random Intervals.
  5. Begin Second Round.