Is train available from Delhi to Chandigarh?

There are 11 weekly trains and 4 daily trains that run from New Delhi to Chandigarh , covering the shortest distance of about 232 km by NDLS CDG SHTBDI(12045). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from New Delhi to Chandigarh.

Is Shatabdi running between Delhi and Chandigarh?

A) NEW DELHI – CHANDIGARH Shatabdi Express ( 12045 ) runs between New Delhi (NDLS) to Chandigarh (CDG). This train takes 3hr 20 mins to cover this trip and starts at 19:15 from New Delhi (NDLS) and reaches Chandigarh (CDG) at 22:35.

Which train is running for Chandigarh?

Chandigarh Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Chandigarh Arrives T
Chandigarh Express (19307) 06:45 Y
Kalka Shatabdi (12005) 20:40 Y
Kalka Shatabdi (12006) 06:45 Y
Dehradun Express (12687) 04:25 N

What is the fare of Shatabdi from Delhi to Chandigarh?

Delhi to Chandigarh shatabdi fare is Rs. 545 in Chair Car and Rs. 1120 in Executive Class for this train which includes meal charges also. Delhi to Chandigarh New Delhi Kalka Shatabdi Express (12011) departs from New Delhi station (NDLS) at 07:40 and arrives Chandigarh station (CDG) at 10:57 .

Are Shatabdi trains running?

For the convenience of passengers, the Indian Railways has announced four Shatabdi Express trains and one Duronto Express Special Train. According to the Railway Ministry, the operations of these four Shatabdi and one Duronto Express Special Trains will start from 10 April 2021 to 15 April 2021.

Can one travel from Delhi to Chandigarh?

You can reach Chandigarh from New Delhi by travelling in a train. New Delhi to Chandigarh train takes approximately 3 h 25 m. You can catch a train from New Delhi and get down at Chandigarh. The price of the train ticket is approximately Rs.

Where is Chandigarh Express now?

12231 train covers 16 stations. The departure time for 12231 Lko Cdg Express from Lucknow Nr is 22:25. The arrival time to Chandigarh is 10:05….12231 Lko Cdg Express Running Status.

Station Chandigarh 644 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 10:05 10:05
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled Destination
Delay On Time

How much is Shatabdi Express?

Its fare for AC chair car is ₹ 840 per person and for executive class the fare is ₹ 1,320.

What time is Shatabdi from Delhi to Chandigarh?

The train 12045 is named as Ndls Cdg Shatabdi. It leaves New Delhi at 19:15 on day 1 and reaches Chandigarh at 22:40 on day 1.It takes 3 hrs 25 mins to reach from its source to the destination.

Where is Shatabdi right now?

A: GANDHINAGAR CAPITAL – MUMBAI CENTRAL Shatabdi Exp is running late by 2 mins and is expected to arrive Borivali at 20:48.