Is Waterman good ink?

All-in-all, Waterman is my favorite classic ink. I love the gemstone shaped bottles. I recommend Inspired Blue and Tender Purple often at pen shows to folks looking for a “fun color” for their vintage pens but I don’t think Serenity Blue or Inspired Blue should be overlooked either for their striking colors.

Is Waterman a luxury pen?

The Waterman Pen Company is a major manufacturing company of luxury fountain pens and inks, based in Paris, France.

Which cartridges fit a Waterman fountain pen?

WATERMAN Ink Refill Cartridges for Fountain Pens, Black, 8-Pack (S0712991). Genuine WATERMAN ink cartridges fit all WATERMAN Fountain Pens. Smooth flowing ink adds to the sophisticated experience of writing with a classic fountain pen.

Are Waterman inks wet or dry?

Know the General Difference Between Wet and Dry Inks. That’s one reason I recommend Waterman Serenity Blue over other standard blue inks — it’s moderately wet, and does very well in a wide range of pens. Same with the black inks I recommend: Aurora Black and J. Herbin Perle Noire are moderately wet, and good users.

Where are Watermans pens made?

Lewis Waterman died in 1901 and his nephew, Frank D Waterman took leadership of the company. Sales increased steadily to 350,000 pens a year with the company boasting impressive offices in Manhattan in addition to factories in Connecticut and Montreal.

How do I identify my Waterman pen?

The great majority of American-made Watermans from around 1917 to 1930 were marked on the end of the barrel with a numeric code that clearly identified the model. The basic system is easily learned, and runs as follows: The size of the nib (and hence, the pen) is the number in the units place.

Is Waterman a good brand?

The brand became so popular that by the end of the 19th century, seven out of ten writing tools were Waterman pens. Today, the Waterman fountain pen is still considered an excellent choice (surviving over 100 years of competition).

How do you refill a Waterman fountain pen?

Fountain pen ink filling instructions

  1. Insert the cartridge into the section block. Apply a slight pressure until you feel and hear the cartridge click into place.
  2. The section block pierces the cartridge, allowing the ink to flow into the feed assembly.
  3. Screw the barrel on over the cartridge into the section block.

What is the wettest fountain pen ink?

Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel Noodler’s Eel series inks are the ultimate wet inks. They are lubricated and will have even your driest pens writing well. Cactus Fruit Eel is, in our experience, the most popular of this line and for good reason.

Who is Waterman ink?

After the enthusiastic reception of last week’s overview of the classic ink brand Sheaffer, it seemed appropriate to continue the series and follow it up with a Desk favorite, Waterman. Waterman has been making pens since 1883 and probably started making ink about the same time.

Did Waterman change the ink color of their fountain pens?

The swatches shown above may show earlier names (i.e. Havana Brown which is now called Absolute Brown) but the ink colors are the same. I got into fountain pens just as Waterman was changing the ink names so I have had bottles with new and older names. The ink colors did not change. Waterman just updated the label designs and the names.

Is Waterman intense black ink similar to Sheaffer?

While we are rehashing how similar some of the Waterman inks are to Sheaffer, I’ll go through the black ink swatches too. Waterman Intense Black is a solid performing water soluble black ink. This week I divided the black ink comparison with three cool/neutral blacks on the left and three slightly warmer blacks on the right.