Is Weymouth parking free?

See the roads that are free to park on near Weymouth town centre listed below….Free Parking near Weymouth Town Centre & Shops.

Free Parking near Weymouth Town Centre & Shops Approx Walking Time to Town Centre
Alma Road 10 mins

How much is parking in Weymouth?


Time Up to 30 mins Up to 2 hours
Winter charges £0.50 £1.50
Summer charges £1 £3

How do you pay for parking in Weymouth?

From 18 June, JustPark will be the new provider for mobile payments in car parks and on-street parking areas across West and North Dorset, Weymouth and Portland. Pay for parking in seconds with the app, or by calling the number. Download from your smart phone’s app store.

Is Weymouth Pavilion car park free after 6pm?

The forecourt car park may occasionally be closed for the staging of events. Charges apply Monday to Sunday, 8am – 6pm (maximum stay 4 hours, no return within 4 hours).

Has Weymouth got a shopping Centre?

New Bond Street Shopping Centre, Weymouth | Completely Retail.

Is just park app free?

JustPark is a free to use app and can be found in both the Google Play store and the Apple App store. The app requires you to enter some personal information which includes your name, email, car registration and a form of payment. Payment can be completed using either PayPal or by entering bank or credit card details.

How do I pay with JustPark?

Pay with the JustPark app for the first time

  1. Once in the app, enter the location ID of the car park .
  2. Select the length of time you want to park for.
  3. Tap pay and create an account.
  4. Add your number plate and payment details.

How does the just park app work?

Payment can be completed using either PayPal or by entering bank or credit card details. JustPark will work in all car parks where payment is required. Instead of going and buying a ticket, the user will check in and checkout of the app meaning that you will only ever pay for the time you spend in the car park.

What time is free parking in Weymouth?

You can park for free in Weymouth between 6pm and 8am at the following car parks: Pavillion Car Park, DT4 8DZ. Harbourside Car Park, DT4 8NA. Governor’s Lane Car Park, DT4 8DD.

Does Weymouth have a Primark?

There are currently Primark stores in Poole and Bournemouth but many people have long called for the budget chain to set up in Weymouth. The retail giant has reported higher revenues on the back of new store openings, as UK like-for-like sales dipped marginally lower.

Why is JustPark so cheap?

Services like Airbnb, for example, are much cheaper than booking a hotel because you book directly with whoever owns the property. JustPark works that same way and, by cutting out the middle man, there are fewer fees to pay – making finding places to park much quicker and cheaper.