Should interior trim be stained or painted?

If you have a newer build, painting your trim may work out much better than in a home that is 100 years old. If you have an older home, you probably have some high-quality stained woodwork. Stained wood trim is very common in older homes, and keeping it stained can bring a sense of warmth and rustic charm to a room.

Is stain trim outdated?

IMO, stained trim does not go out of style, but certain wood species and certain stain colors can saturate the market.

Is painted trim in style?

Yes! Painting walls and trim in the same color is a popular trend. Whether you choose a light neutral color or a dark jewel tone, it is more than okay to paint your walls, baseboards, window and door trim, doors, crown moulding, and even your ceilings all the same color.

Should I paint over wood trim?

Generally, if wood trim isn’t painted already, don’t, especially if it’s quality stain-grade and historic. But if the condition is sub-par and/or there are natural breaks for the painted vs. not like in a bedroom or distinct built-it, mixed woodwork is a beautiful way to highlight natural wood in a space.

Is dark trim in style?

Where Does Dark Trim Work Best? Dark trim and light walls have become more popular as people discover the appeal of using contrasting colors for a statement piece in a single room. Trim is absolutely a statement piece, as it adds to the profile of a wall or draws the eye to a desired focal point.

Should I paint my oak trim?

Oak is often prized for its durability and rich natural color, which is why some homeowners may hesitate to paint over their oak trim. However, if you prefer a cleaner and more modern look, then you shouldn’t hesitate to paint over your oak trim.

Should all the trim in a house match?

As a general rule, plan to paint all the trim throughout the main areas of the house the same color to create a unified effect from room to room. In more personal spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, you might want to play around with more unique wall and trim color combinations.

Do baseboards and trim have to match?

The baseboards do not have to match the trim. As long as the color of the baseboards and the color of the trim complement one another, your room will still look cohesive. If you want to match your baseboards and trim, that is always an option.

Is it worth painting trim white?

Painting Trim Gives a Home New Life “In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a crisp white trim. It creates a feeling of freshness and makes the wall color pop,” she says. “White trim in a historic home can bring it back to life.

Should I paint my oak trim and doors?

Should I paint or stain my trim?

On the other hand, if most of the trim is stained, or your house contains high-quality and decorative woodwork, you may want to strip off some of the paint and then stain the woodwork to match the rest of the trim. Many older homes have dark-stained woodwork which can make rooms without much natural light look dim and small.

What color should I paint my wood trim?

This is why a large majority of people choose to paint their wood trim and moldings a white hue since it is so versatile. The simplicity of white trim can work well with all sorts of room decorations, wall paint colors, or wall designs.

Why should you Paint Your trim white?

Many older homes have dark-stained woodwork which can make rooms without much natural light look dim and small. If this is the type of room you have on your hands, painting your trim white can help liven it up.

Why should you hire an interior trim painter?

Whether you want to simply paint your baseboards and keep your doors stained, or are looking to paint wood trim throughout your home, it’s important to rely on experienced interior trim painters.