Was Snowflake Bentley real?

For over forty years, Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley (1865–1931) photographed thousands of individual snowflakes and perfected the innovative photomicrographic techniques. His photographs and publications provide valuable scientific records of snow crystals and their many types.

Where was Snowflake Bentley’s hometown?

Jericho, Vermont
Wilson Bentley was born on February 9, 1865 in the town of Jericho, Vermont, A farmer by trade, he attracted world attention with his pioneering work in the area of photomicrography. Most notable in his life long work with rain, dew and frost, was his extensive work with snowflakes.

Why did Wilson Bentley take pictures of snowflakes?

Bentley was born on February 9, 1865, in Jericho, Vermont. He first became interested in snow crystals as a teenager on his family farm. “Always, right from the beginning it was the snowflakes that fascinated me most,” he said.

Where is Wilson Bentley buried?

Wilson Alwyn Bentley

Birth 9 Feb 1865 Jericho, Chittenden County, Vermont, USA
Death 23 Dec 1931 (aged 66) Jericho, Chittenden County, Vermont, USA
Burial Jericho Center Cemetery Jericho, Chittenden County, Vermont, USA
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Where was Wilson Bentley born?

Jericho, VTWilson Bentley / Place of birth

When did the first snowflake fall?

In 1885, American farmer Wilson Bentley attached a camera to his microscope and took what is believed to be the very first photo of a snowflake. Although the images sold for just five cents at the time, they are now regarded as having helped shape the world of science photography.

Where did the world’s largest snowflake fall?

Fort Keogh
Guinness World Records lists the largest snowflakes as having fallen during a storm in January 1887 at Fort Keogh, in Montana. A rancher nearby, the book says, called them “larger than milk pans” and measured one at 15 inches wide.

Who discovered that no two snowflakes are alike?

Wilson Bentley
Wilson Bentley prepares to photograph a snowflake using his microscope-bellows camera. Over his life time he took well over 5000 microphotographs of snowflakes and thus discovered that no two snowflakes were alike. Today he is best known for his scientific research and photographic work in the study of snowflakes.

What was Wilson Bentley nickname?

Snowflake” Bentley
“Snowflake” Bentley earned his nickname by taking photomicrographs of snow crystals. A photomicrograph is a photograph of something very small taken through a microscope.