What Animals Can you put in a Biorb?

BiOrb Classic 60 litre For temperate you could mix White Clouds, Danios, Variatus platies and either a pair of Paradise fish or Florida flagfish. Go tropical and you could keep groups of many of the most popular fish including tetras, rasboras, small barbs like Cherry barbs, guppies and platies.

What fish are suitable for a Biorb?

A quick list of some suitable fish for BiOrbs include: Tetras, Minnows, Barbs, Danios, Cory Catfish, and Kilifish. When selecting fish, make sure to choose them from clean aquariums with no dead or dying fish.

Are Biorb tanks good for fish?

If those numbers fit with a biorb fish tank, then chances are the biorb will be a great aquarium for you. The Biorb has been great for close to a million people over the last several years, is it right for you, that’s for you to decide.

Can a pleco live in a Biorb?

Do not keep ‘bottom feeding’ fish, such as a common pleco, loach or catfish in Biorb Aquariums. The ceramic media used for biological filtration in Biorb aquariums is unsuitable for them. Many of these species also grow very large.

How often should you do a water change in a biOrb?

BiOrb (30L / 8 Gallon): Replace Filter every 6 weeks; Change Water (30%) every 3 weeks. BiOrb (60L / 16 Gallon): Replace Filter every 4 weeks; Change Water (30%) every 4 weeks.

Is biOrb worth the money?

The biOrb is a beautiful tank and the lighting makes it look fantastic, especially at night. However, if your interest is in keeping several fish happy and clean, I would not recommend this tank. It’s a great decorative aquarium for one or two fish, but any more than that, you’ll be taxing the anemic filtration system.

Can I put sand in my biOrb?

Reef-One advises against putting gravel, sand or small stones in the biOrb. Gravel is likely to reduce filtration and may become lodged in the filter cartridge casing. However, if you do use other gravel of ceramic media in your biorb or biube, make sure it is big enough not to get stuck in the bottom of the aquarium.

Can you keep a betta in a biOrb?

Just do your homework and don’t overload this tank. I wouldn’t use it for goldfish (too much waste) or more than a few small fish. One betta works just fine.

Are Biorbs noisy?

Why is my BiOrb pump noisy? Sound from the pump is normally brought on by vibration against the surface it is on. Place the pump on a softer surface area like a mouse mat or hang the inflate. See to it the airline company is pressed into the air pump regarding it will go.